Austin Summer Camp is Expanding to 4 Locations

The #1 Summer Camp in Austin is Expanding to 4 Locations

As the summer holiday approaches, you may be considering signing up your children for summer camp. Sending them to a summer camp gives them an experience that might have numerous life-long, positive benefits. You are giving them the chance to grow and develop skills and character traits that are often hard to build within the comforts of home. Austin Summer Camp is an excellent means for your youngster to hone their social skills, meet new friends, and have fun. Rather than letting them stay in all day and watch TV, be on a device, or just be isolated.

There are plenty of factors that have to be considered, and thus, many tasks have to be handled to operate a successful summer camp that can be very overwhelming. Establishing a summer camp entails several responsibilities, and one of the first factors is to discover the ideal camp location.

So, what factors come to mind whenever you consider a summer camp location? Accessibility, plenty of room, play area – like an open field, a playground, and indoor space with bathrooms.

A summer camp location is where kids can quickly achieve and spend productive playtime. If families have to schedule a lot of time traveling to summer camp – it won’t make it convenient for the child’s parents. Kidventure has summer camps around the Austin area – making it suitable for parents around those areas to travel to and from the summer camp.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Camp Location

No summer camp can be solely indoors or outdoors.

The children need to have an area both indoors and outdoors. The extreme heat of the sun, rain, humidity, and other natural weather factors are always considered when selecting a summer camp location. All summer camps provide an indoor rec room or center where kids can do group-scheduled activities. We are fortunate enough that more summer camps have an outdoor pool, and having a pool allows kids in a controlled setting to swim for a portion of the day.

The Security of Camp Location

When looking for the perfect summer camp location, you cannot compromise on security requirements. Fences, walls, etc., are significant and must be checked appropriately. When working with kids’ security becomes the leading priority for Kidventure. Not taking any chances – all Kidventure camps have a gate surrounding the pool, a playground that several counselors easily monitor, and a safe indoor space to relax and cool down from the summer heat. Kidventure has a checklist they go by when selecting Austin Sumner Camp locations. We visit the location and ensure that the camp location meets our requirements for security.

People Place Ratio of the Camp Location

The number of people that will enroll also depends on the location and availability of the place. The idea is to make adequate room for children to navigate while also keeping them close to working on their social skills. A large area with a handful of children and a small space packed with children are both equally negative factors. After contemplating the number of children, you are geared up to enroll, ensure the location justifies enough area accordingly.

Kidventure Camp Blue House

4015 Bee Caves Rd
Austin, TX 78746

Camp Blue House is located in the Trinity Episcopal School in Westlake, and this location provides exceptional camp amenities in a convenient location. Kids as young as three who are potty trained can attend the pre-k to kinder Discoverers group. Older kids entering Grades 1st to 5th group and joining the Explorers group.

Kidventure Camp Barton Creek

1314 Patterson Rd
Austin, TX 78733

Camp Barton Creek is located at Barton Creek Elementary. Camper aged 3-5 yr. olds as well as entering 1st grade-5th grade at this camp.

Kidventure Camp Lakeway

105 Cross Creek
Lakeway, TX 78734

This year Camp Lakeway is located at Lakeway Activity Center. Kids will enjoy athletic and educational amenities in an inspiring setting. The Explorers program at this location is geared towards kids entering 1st grade up to 5th grade.

Kidventure Camp Rough Life

901 Highlands Blvd
Lakeway, TX 78738

Camp Rough Life is set at the Highlands Community Center in Rough Hollow; Camp Rough Life provides exceptional aquatic, athletic, and educational amenities in an inspiring camp setting. This location only offers the Explorers program for kids entering 1st grade to 5th grade.

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