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As we look ahead to the school year, we understand the importance and necessity that after-school provides our students and working families. We also understand the need to implement precautions and guidelines that help ensure the well-being of your child, your family, and our staff. We successfully implemented those guidelines and provided our after-school programs to hundreds of families over the years. It is that experience and our desire to make a difference that will allow us to continue to provide our programs in the school setting during these times. Kidventure has a specialized curriculum, incorporating hands-on activities, thoughtful discussions, and encouraging creativity. We look forward to bringing our unique brand of After School to you this upcoming school year.

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Kidventure: 2024 – 2025

Kidventure After School provides kids with the perfect mix of stimulating learning environments, imaginative curriculum, and high-energy activities. Combine these factors with a mature, professional, and caring team of counselors who have been trained and working under our strict COVID-19 guidelines, and you have the most rewarding and successful ending to each school day.

  • Homework Assistance
  • Hands-on Art and Science
  • Fitness and Athletics
  • Team Building and Community Awareness
  • Character Development


Please visit your school’s After School page below for registration, payment, and schedule information.

Important: If you are registering after the first After School billing date has passed, your registration will be put on a waitlist to ensure the proper payment plan is assigned to your account. Please complete the registration process. We will contact you shortly.

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KV After School is our everyday program that starts at the end of the school day (except holidays). Kidventure provides a positive environment where kids can be kids while learning and developing skills for the future. Kidventure takes great pride in providing a safe, fun, and purposeful program for all its students.

Kidventure provides a unique and focused curriculum that offers our kids new and exciting opportunities for learning through fun, hands-on activities. Kidventure focuses on all aspects of a child’s growth and development while allowing kids to be kids in a safe, positive, and fun environment. Program components include:

  • Sports
  • Art Projects
  • Science Projects
  • Daily Challenges
  • Homework Assistance
  • Encore Clubs
  • Team Building
  • Cultural Activities
  • Community Awareness
  • Character Building

Your After School Team

The most important part of your child’s after-school experience is our staff. We pride ourselves on selecting experienced, active, and caring individuals for our programs. Our staff is dedicated to meeting the needs of each child while upholding Kidventure’s mission statement. We require the following of all our counselors:

  • First Aid and CPR Certification
  • Covid-19 protocol and safety training
  • Virtus (Sexual Abuse Awareness) Certification
  • Extensive Background Check
  • Adults Age 18 or Older
  • Wear Professional After School Uniform Daily
  • Attendance at Ongoing Training

In addition to our counselors that are counted “in ratio” (1 counselor per 10 children for 1st-8th grade, and 1:8 for Early Childhood), we have a Site Director that maintains day-to-day operations at each After School location. Furthermore, the After School Program Coordinator creates the program curriculum, ensures that all supplies are on-site, and is ultimately responsible for the successful operation of After School.

Our staff is committed to your children and encourages you to offer your comments, compliments, and suggestions.

Serving You

Our goal is to serve your entire family. We believe the best way to help raise happy and healthy kids is to do it together.

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“Kidventure is an energetic group of counselors that have a fun-filled afterschool program packed with a variety of activities for all age groups. Students love the variety of games and schedules that keep them moving seamlessly throughout the late afternoon hours. Parents love the low student-to-teacher ratios, the added layer of security, and the continuous communication. Administration enjoys meeting with Kidventure on a regular basis, as faculty appreciates the guidance with homework and friendly staff.”

-Bernadette L. Drabek, Head of School St. Rose of Lima

“Kidventure Finale creates a safe, engaging, and fun afternoon environment for our students. Their low student-to-counselor ratio allows for close attention and personal connections and students can pursue interests through a variety of extra offerings through Encore. It’s been a well-received and great overall experience for our students.”

-Thomas Day, Principal Travis Elementary Hisd

After School FAQs

No, unfortunately, the student must be enrolled in one of the 7 schools to register for the after-school program. The seven schools are Holy Spirit Episcopal, Oak Forest Elementary, St. Michael Catholic, St. Rose of Lima, St. Theresa Catholic, The Kinkaid School, and Travis Elementary.

The after school program is Monday through Friday from 3pm -6pm. The after school program operates in conjunction with the school’s schedule.

The Drop-In Rate Plan is for students who don’t need the finale program every day. On the Drop-In Rate Plan, students are able to drop into the program whenever needed. The Drop-In Rate Plan is $30/day and families are billed at the end of the month for the days used. The Drop-In Rate Plan covers the entire school year and there’s a one-time registration fee of $10 per school year.

The Installment Plan is for students who will attend the after school program Monday-Friday. On the Installment Plan, it covers the semester (August-December) and (January-May) where families are auto-billed on a weekly basis of $100. Auto-billing happens every Thursday for the upcoming week. Families can’t pick which weeks they would like to attend on the installment plan.

Yes, each student will receive 1 pre-package snack when they enter the after school program. Some examples of the snacks are goldfish crackers, animal crackers, chex mix, and pretzels.

No, on the drop-in Rate plan the student can drop in any days needed. It’s not required to notify Kidventure however we suggest notifying your child’s teacher if there are any particular days they need to attend Kidventure.

Encore Classes are extracurricular programs that are currently offered at Travis Elementary and Oak Forest. Travis’s Encore classes are Coding, Dance, Martial Arts, Piano, and Spanish. Oak Forest’s Encore classes are Chess and Dance. Kidventure Encore classes prices are in addition to the finale program. Encore classes are run by the semesters.

Kidventure provides a unique and focused curriculum that offers our kids new and exciting opportunities for learning through fun, hands-on activities. Kidventure focuses on all aspects of a child’s growth and development while allowing kids to be kids in a safe, positive, and fun environment. We assist with homework, play games, participate in science and art, and so much more!

Kidventure follows the designated school’s calendar in regard to Early Dismissal days and Holidays. Please check your school calendar for specific dates and times.

While our staff are not professional tutors, we do have homework assistance built into our day-to-day activities that happen at the beginning of the after-school day. Kidventure staff make sure your child’s homework is done to the best of their ability.

Kidventure will use designated classrooms that will be available during the after school day. Kidventure will also use any large space such as the gym, cafeteria, and playground space.

Pick up happens curbside outside of your child’s school in a designated area. In order for Kidventure to release your child we will ask for either your family’s pick up number that we assign to your family or your Driver’s License or Id. If you have authorized another person to pick up your child, you can give me your family’s pick up number or we will ask for their Driver’s License or Id as well.

Kidventure offers a multi child discount only at Travis Elementary. The multi child discount takes 10% off the 2nd child’s time at registration.

No, all sales are final for the after school program.

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