Kidventure has provided the finest Summer Day and Overnight Camps in Texas since 1994. Kidventure runs an active and purposeful curriculum with activities aimed at serving the whole child, including science, athletics, art, team building, and more. Our goal, however, remains to simply help grow happy, healthy kids: We just choose to do this through camp activities.


The Kidventure Mission

It is our mission to help build the self-esteem and self-worth of every child through our every action. Every child possesses the innate ability to learn and succeed. Our goal should simply be to lead children toward a happy, healthy, and responsible lifestyle. While succeeding in building physical skills is important, teaching children to love themselves and learn is one of life’s greatest lessons. At Kidventure, we are more than just a camp!

The McDonell Family

Let’s Give Our Campers Happiness

As we approach our 30th season of Kidventure, I firmly believe that the power of camp to provide hope, happiness, and friendship has never been needed more. The last few years have provided everyone (especially our kids,) with an unhealthy dose of uncertainty and anxiety. Camp brings everyone together to celebrate life and it brings out the very best in all of us.

We are proud to be preparing for our most important summer ever and look forward to all the laughter, singing, playing, and energy that Kidventure is known for. Most of all, we look forward to making our campers happy.

A Brief History

Kidventure was an outgrowth of a Summer camp program at Biron Gymnastics located in West Houston, which developed into its own company in 1994. Soon Kidventure brought its style of camps to several facilities in the Houston area. In addition to the day camps, Kidventure has also expanded to include Safari Overnight Camp in Hunt, TX, and Finale After School at various locations in Houston. Kidventure now operates Summer day camps in Houston, Austin, and Dallas and expanded Overnight Camps in Rocksprings, T!

In 2012, we celebrated 18 years of running camps in Texas. Although we have grown to serve more and more families each year, we have never lost sight of our commitment to providing the highest quality Summer experience to the individual child and their families.

During the Pandemic, we drastically scaled back our camp operations and canceled them in some cases.  The safety of our campers, families, and staff took precedence but the need for Camp was more evident than ever. Post-pandemic Kidventure Camp has served as an essential opportunity to bring children together and create opportunities for friendship, fostering confidence, and creating happiness.

In 2023, we hosted a record number of campers at 31 campsites, after-school programs, and overnight camps statewide. As we look to 2024 and our 30th Anniversary of Kidventure, we are more inspired and motivated to bring greater opportunities to our families, and even more powerful outcomes for our children.

Kidventure is a partnership; one that includes parents, our team, host facilities, and most importantly our children. United as a team, we continue to share ideas, offer suggestions, gain insight, and work to provide the absolute best for the future….our kids.



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