All merchandise Purchases Now at your camp office

Once camp begins, all camp merchandise can be purchased at your city’s camp office. Find your camp office directions here.

Kidventure’s Camp Store can now be found and selected during the registration process for summer camp 2024. Our Camp Store Items have been curated specifically for all the Kidventure adventures. Official Camp Shirts are the only item to be worn at camp daily. This 30-year tradition provides for a safer camp experience on and off the campsite and is an important part of the pride and spirit of camp.


We have revamped our camp store and how we sell and distribute our merchandise including camp shirts.  Beginning this year, you will have the opportunity to purchase any item during the camp registration process as a merchandise add-on.  You will no longer go to another 3rd party website to make those purchases nor will items be shipped to you.  You can purchase any of those items up until May 17, 2024, at 5 PM.  After that time, the online store will close and any purchases made before that time will be packaged and delivered to your campsite for you to pick up on your first day of camp.  After May 17th, each Kidventure city camp office will have a store setup available for any camp merchandise purchases during our regular office hours. We will also provide ‘Pop Up Stores’ from time to time at various locations to make merchandise more accessible. We will notify you of those ahead of time. 


The camp store items will be available for purchase during the registration process when opened.

  1. All orders placed during registration by May 17th will be bagged and delivered to you at your campsite for pick-up on your first day of camp.
  2. After May 17th all merchandise purchases must be made at your city’s Kidventure Camp office or any designated ‘Pop Up Store’. Pop Up Stores will be announced at the beginning of May.
  3. Official Camp Shirts must be worn at camp each day. Any official shirt we sell and those you have already purchased are great to wear.
  4. Camp Shirt colors designate which program your camper is in.  Different color shirts are not interchangeable between programs.
    1. Blue = Discoverer Program (3 yrs. Old – entering Kindergarten)
    2. Red = Explorer Program (Entering 1st – Entering 5th grade)
    3. Navy = LEADS Program (Entering 6th – Entering 9th Grade)

Sizing Chart


All campers are required to wear an Official Kidventure Camp Shirt to camp each day. This is an important 30-year tradition that is part of the spirit of camp, but more importantly, one way we help provide for the safety of our campers and staff. Whether at the campsite or on a field trip, our campers are easily identified. Any one of our camper shirts sold is considered ‘Official’. We will not be giving each camper a free shirt this year, rather, we have cut the prices of all our shirts. Please keep in mind that some styles may sell out.

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