Kidventure FAQ


There are a lot of things to think about when sending your child to camp. Luckily we’ve spent 28 years working to create a camp environment that is purposeful, rewarding, and safe for every child. Still, there are common questions about camp. Below are some questions that are asked a lot with our ‘answers’. However, you can always contact us if you need additional support.

Day Camp FAQs

Yes! Kidventure is a licensed Youth Camps Program under the Texas Department of State Health Services. Our programs undergo an annual inspection to ensure that we are meeting the minimum state standards for operating day and overnight camps.

Kidventure has three different programs based on age. The Discoverer Program is for children ages 3-5 years who are entering Preschool through Kindergarten. Children must be fully potty-trained to be eligible for enrollment at Kidventure. Other programs include Explorers (for children entering 1st-5th grade) and Leads (for children entering 6th-9th grade, Houston only).

Yes. Kidventure’s licensure as a Youth Camp Program does not permit our staff to provide regular changing services to children. If your child has an accident at camp, our staff will ensure that your child is clean and changed into new clothes as soon as possible and will communicate the incident to you. Our staff will do their best to prevent your child from having accidents at camp by scheduling regular restroom breaks and encouraging them to go. If your child is unable to use the restroom independently and/or has multiple accidents during the week, Kidventure may not be a good fit for your child at this time.

We have welcomed several campers with special needs at Kidventure! Generally, as long as our staff is able to maintain the safety of your child and other campers, and your child’s experience is a positive one, then the camp should be a good fit. The best way we can support your child is through open and frequent communication with you. If there are strategies used at home or at school to support your child’s needs, please let us know so we can provide consistent care at camp. Our office and director/manager at camp are available to discuss any questions or concerns you may have during the summer.

You are also more than welcome to contact your city’s Kidventure office if you would like to discuss your child’s specific needs to determine if camp is a good fit.

Discoverers are our youngest campers ranging in age from 3 to 5 years and are fully potty-trained. This program runs at a ratio of 1:6 and rotates between activities every 30 minutes. Discoverers have the opportunity for daily Chill Time, where they either nap or participate in low activities in the afternoon, and weekly Kv Lives, where we bring the field trip to the campers! Discoverers are able to learn, grow, and play with their peers through an age-appropriate curriculum based on the CDC’s developmental milestones.

Explorers are our campers entering 1st through 5th grade. Explorers are further divided into groups based on their age and development. This program runs at a ratio of 1:10 and rotates between activities every 45 minutes. Explorers participate in archery tag, team building, rock climbing, and field trips every week. Our dynamic curriculum encourages Explorers to try new things, make new friends, and grow by collaborating with their peers and facing challenges that test their problem-solving abilities.

Leads are our campers entering 6th through 9th grade. Leads are further divided into groups based on their age and development. This program runs at a ratio of 1:10 and rotates between activities every 45 minutes. Leads campers participate in archery tag, team building, rock climbing, and field trips every week. Additionally, Leads also participate in a community service project and receive a certificate for their hours. Our curriculum encourages Leads to challenge themselves, become positive leaders, and learn the importance of service through dynamic activities that build strong character and foster healthy friendships.

You are also more than welcome to contact your city’s Kidventure office if you would like to discuss your child’s specific needs to determine if camp is a good fit.

Yes! Every Thursday before camp, your family will receive the Camp Newsletter for the following week. Your Camp Newsletter will include information about what your child needs to bring, where to find the designated carline area for drop off and pick up, and highlighted activities for the week.

We will also be sharing information and photos of camp through the Kidventure App, which you can download here (Apple) or here (Android) .

On the first day of camp (every Monday morning), you will enter the designated carline area for drop off. Kidventure directional signs will be placed around the facility to point you to where to go. Each site will run this line slightly differently, so be sure to check your Camp Newsletter for your site’s specifics. During this process, you will meet your Kidventure Site Director, who will verify your add-ons, collect your child’s medication (if needed), and provide you with your family pick-up number. A Kidventure staff member will then escort your child from your vehicle to the camp entrance.

Note: If you have questions or would like to discuss anything prior to camp, please contact the Kidventure office. If needed, we will work with you to arrange a time to meet the Site Director and/or Camps Manager outside of carline.

Regular drop off (starts at 7:45 a.m.) and pick up (3:00-3:15 p.m.) will operate via carline. At drop-off, a Kidventure staff member will sign your camper in before escorting them from your vehicle to the camp entrance. At pick-up, you will need to present your family pick-up number in order to retrieve your camper. A Kidventure staff member will escort your child from the camp entrance to your vehicle and buckle them in. (Note: If you would to buckle your child into their car seat yourself, please exit the carline and pull into a parking space so that carline may continue efficiently.)

Post Camp (3:15-6:00 p.m.) will run a separate process depending on the site. Be sure to check your Camp Newsletter for your site’s specifics. Typically, you will pull up to the designated camp entrance in your vehicle and text the number on the whiteboard. A Kidventure staff member will answer and verify your family pick-up number. Once that is complete, they will escort your child outside to your vehicle.

At Kidventure, we focus on 4 Cornerstones to help promote a well-rounded camper: Creativity, Exploration, Physical Activity, and Reflection. Every activity, game, and event we schedule focuses on one or more of these areas. Depending on the program, you can expect your camper to rotate between activities every 30-45 minutes and engage in age-appropriate activities, including centers, art, camp games, and self-reflection. Throughout the week, Leads will participate in archery tag, rock climbing, service projects, and field trips; Explorers will participate in archery tag, team building activities, rock climbing, and field trips; and Discoverers will participate in archery tag, rock climbing, and Kv Live (where we bring the field trip to site!).

No way! Each week, campers will have new activities to participate in, but you can expect them to be similar in overarching concepts aligned with our 4 Cornerstones (Creativity, Exploration, Physical Activity, and Reflection).

Kidventure is proud to provide a technology-free campus. All cell phones and other electronics must be kept off and put away in a bag, or preferably, left at home! If your child chooses to wear a smartwatch at camp, they may only use their device to check the time and passively record their fitness.

Note: Kidventure is not responsible for any lost or stolen items at camp.

Kidventure camp shirts are required daily as we make our way off-site (Explorers and Leads only). This keeps our campers safe by allowing us to quickly identify Kidventure campers in public spaces. Shirts are also required to be worn during the rest of the week since we are not always the only program at the facility.

Discoverer shirts are Blue, Explorer shirts are Red, and Leads shirts are Navy.

Kidventure provides an optional catered lunch if you would like to add that to your child’s registration. Otherwise, Kidventure will provide your child with one snack during the camp day and one additional snack if they attend post-camp. See Menus Below:
Houston Lunch Menu
Austin Lunch Menu
DFW Lunch Menu

When registering your child, there is a field for allergies. Please list any allergies they have, including food and if an Epi-Pen will be coming to camp with them. This information will be provided to the Camp Director and your child’s counselors. During lunchtime, we have an allergy table where we will ask any camper with severe food allergies to sit. Campers who do not have allergies are welcome to sit at the allergy table as well, however, all lunches will be checked by staff to ensure there are no allergens present.

We also provide a daily snack for all campers. If you do not wish your child to be offered/receive a snack from us, please contact your local Kidventure office or camp staff and let us know.

When registering your child, please list any allergies and/or special needs in their respective sections. Please be as detailed as possible so we are able to accommodate your child’s needs to the best of our ability. We will contact you before camp if we have any questions.

If your child needs to take medication during the camp day, please fill out a medical dosage form and bring it to camp with you (please hand it to a staff member during drop off, not in your child’s bag). Your Camp Director will review the dosage form and make sure the medication is given to your child per your instructions. All medications must be in their original containers, and match what is written on the dosage form.

If your child requires an Epi-Pen or Inhaler, please also include those on your medical dosage form. Your child’s counselor will carry their Epi-Pen or Inhaler with them throughout the camp day to ensure the medication follows your child. Please hand these to a staff member during drop-off, and not left in your child’s bag.

Please contact your local Kidventure office to ask specific questions and provide more information on your child’s medical condition.

Note: Our staff is not trained to administer insulin or Diazepam for seizures.

Where we have pools and swim programs, we have systems and protocols set in place to do so safely. We assume no child knows how to swim. The first day of swimming each week will involve a swim test for each camper, returning campers will also participate in the swim test each new week. If a camper passes the swim test, they are given a wristband color that allows them to have access to all open zones of the pool. If a camper does not pass the swim test, they are given a wristband color that restricts them to shallow areas of the pool and splash areas. Any camper who does not pass the swim test and wants to be in the shallow area will be given a life jacket to wear as an extra safety precaution. Lifeguards are placed in addition to the camp staff to ensure the safety of our campers.

All Field Trips:

Field trips are one of the most popular camp activities during the week for Explorers and Leads campers (Discoverers Do Not Field Trip). Each trip is selected for its safety and value to our campers. As a parent, there is a certain nervousness that comes with all field trips. We understand this at Kidventure. This is why we treat all of our field trips with the greatest respect and why safety is at the forefront of all that we do.

  1. Campers travel on full-size buses. Due to the weight and tonnage of the buses, we believe it is one of the safest ways to move our kids. Most of our buses have restrooms on board and all of them have seatbelts throughout.
  2. Anytime we move our kids we have several safety protocols in place. First, we have a great counselor-to-camper ratio at 1:10 for our Explorers. Second, we have a counselor in the front of the line and a counselor in the back of the line This allows us to make sure our kids stay in the line and with the group. Third, before we move anywhere, we count our kids to make sure we have everyone. With this in mind, the first thing we do when we get off the busses is line up and count before we go inside. On top of our 1:10 ratio, we bring in extra staff to help facilitate the field trip.
  3. Our field trips are always organized and orderly. We set up rotations throughout the trip that our groups rotate to. Campers are not allowed to go wherever they want. Campers must stay with their group and they move through the trip on a schedule.

Swimming Field Trips: Out of all of our field trips swimming trips are certainly the one that causes the most concern for our families. To be honest, it should. Any time you have swimming and water involved there is an added risk. Done right, it is fun and very safe. We want you to ask the hard questions and be comfortable with our procedures and protocols. After 30 years, we have systems in place that keep our campers and your kids safe and allow them to have fun. Here are a few examples for of what we do in addition to the procedures listed above.

  1. Arriving – When we get to the water park, the first thing we do in the park is go to a large pavilion and put our stuff down. This serves as a home base for us during our trip. Towels, sunscreen, and shoes will all be left here. Next, we go over the rules as a group and expectations.
  2. Life Jackets – Kidventure understands that campers have different swimming abilities. Upon request or when necessary, Kidventure will ensure that your camper wears a life jacket when in the water. Each city and water park may have different procedures for life jackets depending on the park and rotations scheduled. (Please contact your local office for specific details. Also, note certain rides do not permit the use of a life jacket.)
  3. Rotations – Like any field trip we utilize different rotations for our trips to water parks. Each group will rotate and stay together throughout the trip. Some typical rotations and procedures that Kidventure has done in the past are listed below. (Please note that each city’s rotations may vary. Please get in touch with your local office for more specific details)
  4. The Wave Pool – In the wave pool all Explorer campers are required to wear a life jacket. LEADS campers will have life jackets as needed or by request. Counselors make an imaginary box in the wave pool along one side of the pool. Counselors stand in one of the corners of the box and all campers must stay within the box (boundaries) that are set by the counselors. The age and height of the campers will dictate how deep the campers are allowed to go. If the waves crash over the heads of the campers we will back up until everyone’s feet can touch the ground. Typically we do not go beyond the 3ft mark.
  5. Water Structure – Life jackets are not available. Most water structures are giant splash pads with big play structures of various climbing levels, a big water tower, and a bucket that waterfalls over the structure when filled. Campers can go down several slides apart from the structure; however, all slides end in a tub of water at the end of the slide. Water underneath the structure is typically about 12” deep and campers are not allowed to lay down in the water. They may sit but not lay.
  6. Activity Pool – Life jackets available. The activity pool is very much like a large backyard pool with various structures to climb on and across the pool. The depth of the water depends on the activity offered.
  7. Lazy River – Leads campers only, Life jackets available. When going around the river, the group stays together throughout the entire river. Counselors are spread out at the front, middle, and back of the group to maintain supervision. Where permissible, all the campers will use tubes to float around the river.
  8. Slides – Life jackets are not available. If time permits, some campers may have an opportunity to go on larger slides. Campers must meet the height requirement for the attraction. Two counselors will lead the group to the top of the slide. One counselor will go down first and collect the campers at the bottom of the slide. The second counselor will go down last after all campers have gone down the slide. All slides end in a tub of water at the end.
  9. Restrooms, Water, Re-apply sunscreen – This is a dedicated time for our kids to stay hydrated while catching some shade under the pavilion, re-apply sunscreen, and use the restroom.
  10. Lifeguards – our staff is here to oversee and keep your kids safe. On top of all the supervision we provide, we then have all of the lifeguards in the water park working to keep extra eyes on the water and safety of all.
  11. Leaving – At the end of rotations, we all gather back in the pavilion to dry off, gather our belongings, count, and head towards the buses to load and return home.

The most important part of your child’s camp experience is their camp counselors and directors. We pride ourselves on having the highest standards and requirements for camp staff anywhere. Here are a few of those qualifications:

  • We are an all-adult team (18+).
  • Everyone is first aid and Cpr certified and receives training in abuse prevention.
  • Everyone goes through a yearly National Background Check.
  • Everyone is in uniform.
  • Everyone has extensive training in safety, special needs, and behavior management.
  • Most of our staff are certified teachers, coaches, or education students.

Before Summer: Since we partner with different host facilities to provide camp, we would need to find a day and time that works best for the host facility, your family, and a Kidventure coordinator in order to give you a tour of the site. Please contact your city’s Kidventure office to inquire further about touring the facility before summer.

During Summer: If you would like to see camp in action, we would need to coordinate a day and time that works best for your family and one of our Kidventure directors or managers (i.e., sometime after morning drop-off once campers have settled in). Please contact your city’s Kidventure office to inquire further about touring the facility during the camp season.

Camper groups are based on age. We try our best to accommodate buddy requests, but there are some factors that may prevent us from accommodating requests. These may include age gaps (i.e. a 6-year-old and a 10-year-old will not be put in the same group) and enrollment numbers/group sizes. Please note that campers may not be in the same individual counselor group, but may be in the same rotating group and complete activities together.

Yes. Kidventure’s licensure as a Youth Camp Program requires that we maintain a record of each camper’s immunizations. A signed exemption affidavit must be provided otherwise.

While some of our camps take place at private schools and churches, Kidventure is not religiously affiliated and does not participate in religious activities at camp.

Please contact your city’s Kidventure office to get in touch with our team, and a customer service representative would be more than happy to discuss your questions or concerns. If further resolution is needed, our customer service team will contact the Site Director and/or Camps Manager for more information regarding specific incidents. The customer service representative will then either follow up with you or have the Site Director and/or Camps Manager contact you.

Phone: 512.263.8992
Email: [email protected]

Phone: 214.303.9789
Email: [email protected]

Phone: 713.960.8989
Email: [email protected]

Overnight Camp FAQs

At Kidventure, we focus on 4 Cornerstones to help promote a well-rounded camper: Creativity, Exploration, Physical Activity, and Reflection. Every activity, game, and event we schedule focuses on one or more of these areas. Depending on the program, you can expect your camper to rotate between activities every 30-45 minutes and engage in age-appropriate activities, including centers, art, camp games, and self-reflection. Throughout the week, LEADS will participate in archery tag, rock climbing, service projects, and field trips; Explorers will participate in archery tag, team building activities, rock climbing, and field trips; and Discoverers will participate in archery tag, rock climbing, and KV Live (where we bring the field trip to the site!).

Safari is a shorter term consisting of six days. Quest is longer at nine days. Both are designed for campers ages 8-12 and both have a similar format and objective. Quest involves a little more ‘high adventure’ than Safari and takes place at our camp in Rocksprings. Safari takes place at Mo-Ranch.

For Safari, campers stay in boy’s or girl’s dorms. These dorms are air-conditioned, bunk bed style lodging. Restroom and Shower facilities are located within the dorms. In addition, all bedding and bath towels are provided at Safari. For Quest and Echo, campers stay in separate boys and girls’ air-conditioned cabins with restroom and shower facilities. Campers must bring their own bedding for Quest and Echo.

Tribes are coed. For Safari and Quest, we divide our campers into four tribes, (Bear, Eagle, Buffalo, and Turtle). These tribes are by age and consist of boys and girls. Tribes are a function of our activities during the day and are separate from cabin assignments. Echo has two tribes, Donoma: Boys and Girls Ages 13-14, and Miakoda: Boys and Girls Ages 15-16.

Yes. As part of your Camp Packet, you will receive May, you will get the address where mail can be sent. Mail sometimes moves slowly, so please send it early enough. We can also take mail with us and pass it out per your instructions!

Transportation takes place from two drop-off/pick-up locations (Houston and Austin). We have campers coming to camp from many locations. Austin and Houston have proven optimal for all kids traveling to camp.

Camp is about getting away from home and creating a new experience that fosters independence and confidence. Unless there is sickness or injury, we don’t call home. We do communicate each evening with a nightly email wrapping up our day and we will post images and videos to the Camp App.

Camp is about getting away and creating valuable relationships and memories. Mobile devices are definitely not allowed because of this reason.

Your Camp Packet that you will receive in May will have a Packing List in it. This checklist will provide you with everything your camper needs to go to camp successfully.

Yes, virtually! We host a Camp Meet and Greet each summer prior to Overnight Camp beginning. It is a Google Meet where campers, parents, and staff all get together online to talk about camp, tell stories, answer questions, and just meet one another. That date for 2023 is June 21st in the evening. A formal invitation will be sent to you with your Camp Packet in May.

On your registration form, there are fields for food allergies. With this information, we will work with you and our chef to create a meal plan that provides your camper with great-tasting food that is appropriate based on their allergies. This includes dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian.

Prior to camp, we will reach out to you to discuss the plan for your child’s medical condition. This might include a medicine dosage schedule or anything else we will need to plan for or scale for. We ask that you be specific in your registration form and outline any conditions that we need to be aware of.

Yes. Download the Camp App to receive notifications and photos from our day. It is a great way to keep up with us! In addition, we will send home a nightly email wrapping up our day and providing you with some camp highlights.

Yes. At Echo, Quest, and Safari we have a nurse on duty. If we visit the nurse for sickness or injury, you will be notified.

After School FAQs

No, unfortunately, the student must be enrolled in one of the 7 schools to register for the after-school program. The seven schools are Holy Spirit Episcopal, Oak Forest Elementary, St. Michael Catholic, St. Rose of Lima, St. Theresa Catholic, The Kinkaid School, and Travis Elementary.

The after school program is Monday through Friday from 3pm -6pm. The after school program operates in conjunction with the school’s schedule.

The Drop-In Rate Plan is for students who don’t need the finale program every day. On the Drop-In Rate Plan, students are able to drop into the program whenever needed. The Drop-In Rate Plan is $30/day and families are billed at the end of the month for the days used. The Drop-In Rate Plan covers the entire school year and there’s a one-time registration fee of $10 per school year.

The Installment Plan is for students who will attend the after school program Monday-Friday. On the Installment Plan, it covers the semester (August-December) and (January-May) where families are auto-billed on a weekly basis of $100. Auto-billing happens every Thursday for the upcoming week. Families can’t pick which weeks they would like to attend on the installment plan.

Yes, each student will receive 1 pre-package snack when they enter the after school program. Some examples of the snacks are goldfish crackers, animal crackers, chex mix, and pretzels.

No, on the drop-in Rate plan the student can drop in any days needed. It’s not required to notify Kidventure however we suggest notifying your child’s teacher if there are any particular days they need to attend Kidventure.

Encore Classes are extracurricular programs that are currently offered at Travis Elementary and Oak Forest. Travis’s Encore classes are Coding, Dance, Martial Arts, Piano, and Spanish. Oak Forest’s Encore classes are Chess and Dance. Kidventure Encore classes prices are in addition to the finale program. Encore classes are run by the semesters.

Kidventure provides a unique and focused curriculum that offers our kids new and exciting opportunities for learning through fun, hands-on activities. Kidventure focuses on all aspects of a child’s growth and development while allowing kids to be kids in a safe, positive, and fun environment. We assist with homework, play games, participate in science and art, and so much more!

Kidventure follows the designated school’s calendar in regard to Early Dismissal days and Holidays. Please check your school calendar for specific dates and times.

While our staff are not professional tutors, we do have homework assistance built into our day-to-day activities that happen at the beginning of the after-school day. Kidventure staff make sure your child’s homework is done to the best of their ability.

Kidventure will use designated classrooms that will be available during the after school day. Kidventure will also use any large space such as the gym, cafeteria, and playground space.

Pick up happens curbside outside of your child’s school in a designated area. In order for Kidventure to release your child we will ask for either your family’s pick up number that we assign to your family or your Driver’s License or Id. If you have authorized another person to pick up your child, you can give me your family’s pick up number or we will ask for their Driver’s License or Id as well.

Kidventure offers a multi child discount only at Travis Elementary. The multi child discount takes 10% off the 2nd child’s time at registration.

No, all sales are final for the after school program.

Seasonal Camp FAQs

Yes! We are excited to be hosting Thanksgiving Camp, Winter Camp, and Spring Break Camp at select locations in Austin, DFW, and Houston.

Thanksgiving Camp: November 20th-22nd, 2023 (DFW and Houston)
Winter Camp: December 18th-22nd, 2023 (Houston), December 27th-29th,(Houston) & January 2nd-5th, 2024 (Houston and Austin)
Spring Break Camp: March 11th-15th, 2024 (Houston, DFW, and Austin)

Visit your city-specific page to learn more and register now!

No, a lunch option is not provided for Seasonal Camps. We will still provide one snack to campers during the camp day and one during post camp.

No, Kidventure camp shirts are not required for Seasonal Camps. If your Explorer camper will be going on a field during the week, and you have a Kidventure camp shirt, we highly recommend they wear it that day. If you do not own a Kidventure camp shirt, please have your Explorer camper wear a red T-shirt on the field trip.

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