We Did It. Goodbye Snooki

We Unpluged It..OMG














My wife and I made a decision to cut the ties of cable television.  Beginning today the McDonell family is severing its relationship with the behemoth, ATT and 800 or so of its children that are the cable channels we have come to know too well.  Why are we divorcing popular culture and potentially sending my three young children into some sort of other-worldly fits of tantrum?  Simple.  Here is my reasoning:

1. We are competing for our kids attention with screens in almost every facet of their life.  This eliminates one big one.

2. Because I think that what I have to say, teach and influence my kids with is more pertinent and lasting than what Snooki, Simon Cowell, Sponge Bob and that lizard man from Tennessee do.

3. Because I think all the furniture in our house should be positioned to face each other and not the flat screen.

4. Because I think if you fill your kid’s head with a bunch of garbage, that is what you’re likely to get.

So today begins the transition.  Along the way, I plan on blogging the McDonell experience and giving you a window into how my family moves from TV to being more free.  As I write, my two younger ones have just arrived home.  In only moments their dear shows will no longer materialize in front of them magically.  A sense of doom and confusion will no doubt overwhelm their precious little bodies.  I will calmly and with much resolve, inform them that their shows have gone away.  And just before they tackle me to the ground as only rabid wolves can do, I will suggest a fun board game!


To be continued…


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