10 Ways to Support Veterans this Veteran’s Day in Houston

Veteran’s Day is a day to think about all veterans. We encourage all Americans to recognize and honor our veterans and their family’s bravery and sacrifice. It is a time to thank them for their service and sacrifices for the country. This year, let us give thanks to the veterans in our lives. Be it directly or indirectly, everybody is connected in some manner or another to a military member. By participating in one of the ten ways listed below, you do not just recognize military staff for their sacrifices but also express gratitude for everything they do.

Below are Ten Ways to Support Veterans this Veteran’s Day in Houston

1. Give Thanks to Them

A simple but genuine “thank you” can go a long way. Express your gratitude to them now and then. Although it may not feel like much, “thank yous” mean a lot. So, let’s celebrate Veteran’s Day by allowing our service members to know we’re grateful for them.

2. Write a Letter

If someone you know is assigned abroad, take some time to write them a letter. Sending them a handwritten letter can brighten up their day, and it lets them know you’re thinking about them.

3. Buy at a Veteran-owned Business

Look at your local chamber of commerce to verify if there is a record of veteran-owned businesses in your area.

4. Invite them Outdoors

If you know a veteran or perhaps a group of veterans, invite them out for a day of fun or maybe relaxation—fishing, camping, kayaking, horseback riding, or any outdoor activity that they love to do. So, think about giving back with an experience that benefits them or one they might not otherwise have the opportunity to take pleasure in.

5. Send a Care Package to a Veteran Abroad

If you know a veteran abroad, this would be a great time to send a care package to them. Be sure to evaluate the military mail regulations before shipping. If you do not personally know any service members abroad, you can deliver a care package to deployed service members via USO.

6. Help Educate Students About Veterans Day

Try to persuade your child’s teacher to plan some activities to teach their class regarding Veterans Day and its history. A small project could be an excellent way for students to learn more about Veterans Day and get motivated to volunteer at future events.

7. Attend a Special Event or Veterans Day Parade

Show your support and gratitude by attending a local Veterans Day Parade or any event benefiting veterans. You may check out your local news station’s community calendar to find out if there’s any special event happening in your area.

8. Volunteer at a Veterans Organization

Visit a local veteran’s nonprofit organization, and inquire how you can volunteer. There are a lot of ways to get involved with veteran nonprofit organizations. Things like assisting the office, volunteering at events, or working directly with veterans in need.

9. Serve a Veteran’s Family

Find a way to help any families you may know whose veteran is deployed or disabled, together with those transitioning from military to civilian living. You can do things like delivering a meal, mowing their lawn, or any other work of service that can be really helpful to a veteran family in need.

10. Donate to an Organization that Directly Supports Veterans

One can find thousands of organizations across the country that offer much-needed services for veterans and their families. Find one that sets the most of its donations into serving our veterans, and know the charity’s work and mission. Whatever you can give, big or small, is a great honor to our veterans.

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