10 Top Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas in Austin

Valentine’s Day only comes around once a year, and it’s the perfect day to let your loved ones know just how much they mean to you. We want to surprise and delight our partners with pleasure the moment they receive your special valentine’s gift. Be it an indulgent gift they can enjoy on their own or a memorable activity you can experience together, the best Valentine’s Day present is something you have put time and thought into. We have listed down 10 Valentine’s day gift ideas to ignite some inspiration. Hopefully, you’ll find something that you can give to your loved ones.

Cheese Tastings and Pairings

Book a night for you and your loved one at one of Austin’s local cheese shops like Antonelli’s. Who doesn’t love cheese, right? You and your date can spend the evening trying different cheeses and pairing them with tasty treats. Antonelli’s is offering virtual and in-person events.

Curate a Special Care Package for Her

Put together special items that make your wife feel all cozy this Valentine’s Day. A lovely scented candle, a pair of cute pajamas, and a pillow will surely make her day special. You may have spent a lot of time at home, but having that added special touch could completely transform your cuddle nights! If you’re spending Valentine’s day apart, send your curated care package to them! It’s the closest thing to a cozy hug while you spend your time away from each other.

Traditional Flowers and Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

Flowers and chocolates may be “common” for some, but these items wouldn’t be a classic Valentine’s Day gift for no reason! Get them their favorite flower and throw in their favorite chocolate or a cute stuffed animal, making them feel the love even while staying at home. For long-distance couples, you can find lots of specialty shops that can deliver bouquets, chocolates, and even stuffed animals for your partner.

Write a Love Letter

Bring back the good old love letters this Valentine’s Day! Pour your heart out on a piece of nice stationery paper or purchase a romantic card, and tell your partner how much you appreciate them.

It’s always nice to read things that uplift your soul, especially amid everything happening around us.

Stream and Watch Movies Online

Do you both enjoy movie dates? Being inside the movie theater has its charm, but you can quickly bring that to your home! Set up your living area with cozy pillows, switch off the lights, and bring out your favorite movie snacks.

Select your favorite film and enjoy some quality bonding time together!

Gift Box for Him

Show your man how much he means to you with a gift box full of presents. Gift him a unique cigar gift set, and he’ll see your personalized love note while showered with presents. These lovely gift boxes can be filled with a flask, wallet, pen, bottle opener, funnel, and so much more.

Personalized Leather Wallet

You can never go wrong with a personalized leather wallet that has enough slotted receptacles that can organize your essentials like cash, credit card, and the like. Simple and sophisticated, this makes a great Valentine’s gift for your husband or boyfriend; you can even add their name or initials to this incredible present.

Cook Their Favorite Meal

You may not be able to have dinner in your favorite restaurant this year, but you can certainly make their favorite food at home!

You can go the extra mile and make your dinner at home extra special by preparing a romantic table with scented candles and asking your sweetheart to dress nicely.

Extra Large Beer Mug

Need a Valentine’s gift for the beer lover in your life? The first thing that probably pops in your mind is the classic cold beer mug. Well, every beer-loving man wants their go-to draft beer mug. Your beer lover can pour two beers in one glass, which means fewer trips to the fridge, which makes for a happy guy this Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Cruises

Do something different this Valentine’s Day and take your loved one on a Valentine’s Day cruise! Delight in a romantic, beautiful, and relaxing cruise on Lady Bird Lake, aboard The Lone Star. Take in the beautiful Austin skyline under the stars with your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

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