Top Snow Cones in Austin

Are you looking to cool down with an ice-cold refreshment? Then, you might want to try snow cones to beat the heat! Snow cones are made of shaved ice using a piece of specialized equipment that shaves the ice into the cup filling it with smooth, snow-like texture ice, making it easier to delight in while the great flavors of toppings and syrup melt in your mouth. Snow cones are really delightful since you also can add more on top to improve the refreshing experience. You can actually go beyond the basic syrup and get creative by adding toppings like whipped cream, coconut flakes, fresh fruit chunks, chocolate or caramel sauce.

Here are Top Best Spots for Snow Cones in Austin

Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs

808 E 51st St.
Austin, TX 78751

Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs are made of more carefully shaved ice than that characteristic of the snow cone. This shop has perfected the art of its ice which often serves as a foundation for their house-made simple syrup. While well-known for their creamy chocolate syrup, Casey’s also offers other flavors that are ‘customer favorites’ such as Strawberry Cheesecake, Dreamsicle, and Orchid Cream Vanilla.

Woody’s Shave Ice

1158 Lost Creek Blvd.
Austin, TX 78746

Make a visit to Woody’s Shave Ice for special desserts from their creative selection. Woody’s Shave Ice creates the softest and fluffiest shaved ice treat you’ve ever had. From their Matcha Latte to Happy Happy Joy Joy, to their Lava Flow, there’s something for everyone.

Jim Jim’s Water Ice

615 E 6th St.
Austin, TX 78701

Based off on a sweet treat common to Philadelphia, Jim-Jim’s provides its buyers an exceptional blend of real fruit and finely shaved ice in the form of water-ice, aka Italian ice). Jim-Jim’s Water Ice offers over 30 different flavors, but their best-selling flavors are orange cream and strawberry lemonade.

To fill up the sweet taste of the dessert, Jim-Jim’s also provides a swirl of very soft serve ice cream within the ice and also other creamy toppings for you to drizzle over the top.

Sno Beach

412 Sterzing St.
Austin, TX 78704

After enjoying the brisk water of Barton Springs, head over to Sno Beach for refreshing snow cones with over 60 flavors, including sugar-free choices. This cash-only food truck offers soft, melt-in-your-mouth ice and tons of flavor including cream soda, mango coconut, strawberry daiquiri, and horchata. Top off your sweet treat with cream, caramel, or ice cream.

Shaved Ice Island

2701 W William Cannon Dr.
Austin, TX 78745

Shaved Ice Island serves creative gourmet shaved ice recipes as well as time-tested variants that most people enjoy. From refreshing flavors such as the Notorious POG, some sort of Hawaiian juice-based shaved ice made with passion fruit, guava, and orange to gourmet flavors such as Thai Iced Tea, Brown Guy Chai, and the Creamy Cold Brew.

Also don’t forget to taste their popular Hispanic style shaved ice raspas such as Cucumber Lime, Mangonada, Picadilly, Tamarindo, and Arroz Con Leche.

Sno. Co Flattop Shaved Ice

2307 Manor Rd.
Austin, TX 78722

One of the best snow cones in Austin. So make sure you stop by during the hot and humid Austin summer, or at any time of the year. Try out their house-made fresh fruits and veggies and cocktail-inspired flavors.


2200 Stratford Dr.
Austin, TX 78746

SnoMo brings a Taiwanese style to snow cones in the form of snow ice, a specific assortment of shaved ice made out of only milk and fruit ingredients. The snow ice can be offered on a crunchy waffle and topped with tapioca pearls, puddings, or jellies. For dairy-free customers, they can have soy snow created from soy milk and pure ice made from water and later flavored using creamy syrup.

Bahama Buck’s

3944 RR 620 S Building 7 Unit B
Bee Cave, TX 78738

Bahama Buck’s is a snow cone chain that offers over 90 different flavors for your ice. Plus, you can mix and match whatever flavors you l in a single cone. When done right, this means an appetizing and refreshing one-of-a-kind dessert combo in every cup! Bahama Buck’s also has sodas, smoothies, bowls, and shakes.

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