Top 10 Houston Family Friendly Fishing Lakes

Are you searching for a great spot to catch fish? Grab your fishing rod and head over to one of these fantastic fishing lakes near Houston, where the fish are abundant, and families can enjoy being outdoors together. Fishing can promote a sense of fulfillment in kids and is a great way to teach patience and persistence while enjoying nature. So, take a break from city life and visit one of these fishing spots around Houston.

Galveston Bay

This is the best saltwater fishing spot close to Houston. Many people here earn money from fishing, but you will find an area of your own at Galveston Fishing pier and Pelican Island. Fishing here is busy all year long, so it is a great place during the weekend. With 32 miles of beaches, discover your spot at one of the most desired fishing spots in the region – the great Gulf of Mexico.

Falcon Lake

Falcon is a relatively shallow lake with progressive sloping banks in the more significant part of the lake. Falcon Lake has been considered the best largemouth bass lake in Houston, Texas, for many years. But it is also a channel catfish. The lake is 40 miles southeast of Texas and is quite a good spot for a 3-pound fish. While you are enjoying your fishing time here, show your kid other animals in the area, such as ducks, birds, squirrels, and many others.

Lake Texoma

The lake is among the four great border reservoirs and is certainly recognized for its plethora of bass fishing. Black bass can be found in this lake, including Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, and Spotted Bass. If you want to get largemouth, go on to the rocky banks.

Caddo Lake

245 Park Road 2
Karnack, TX 75661

Caddo Lake is a 3-hour drive from Dallas and is a great weekend getaway or day trip for families. It is situated at Texas and Louisiana border and is one of the true natural gems of the South. The only natural lake within Texas and the second biggest in the entire South. Today, Caddo Lake is loved as a lake to visit and explore, and it’s perfect for fishing, kayaking, and canoeing. This spot offers several fish sizes, including minnows, shiner, and chub, along with the flathead catfish.

Lake Amistad

Situated 12 miles on the northwestern end of the south Texan plain, Lake Amistad is an excellent fishing spot to check out in spring and autumn. There’s not too much to see all over Lake Amistad, but this spot is regarded as the most excellent lake in terms of the largemouth bass involved. The lake is enclosed by a clean water desert, making it one of the most amazing areas to be free from the daily stresses of life. Access to the shoreline is quite restricted, and recreation is mainly limited to water-based activities, mostly fishing, scuba diving, and boating.

Cedar Creek Lake

Cedar Creek Lake is located in Henderson and Kaufman Counties, Texas, 60 miles southeast of Dallas. It is developed on Cedar Creek, which flows into the Trinity River. The lake is roughly 18 miles long and over 2 miles wide. The lake also features three islands that are maintained by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department as Wildlife Management Areas for aquatic birds. Cedar Creek Lake is another excellent spot to go fishing for bass.

Choke Canyon Reservoir

Antonio. So if you want to de-stress, explore nature and go fishing, this lake is perfect for you and your family. It’s one of the best large bass lakes in Texas, possibly the biggest bass-angling spot in the region. Largemouth bass and catfish are the most common sportfish in the reservoir, and blue catfish are the most abundant catfish species here.

Colorado Bend Park

2236 Park Hill Dr
Bend, TX 76824

Experience nature and wilderness at Colorado Bend Park. Colorado bend state park is the best choice if you prefer a blend of fishing and other sporting activities. The park is home to 6 miles of the Colorado River, ideal for paddling, boating, and bass fishing, in addition to spring-fed swimming holes and waterfalls.

Lake Anahuac

4318 FM 1985
Anahuac, TX 77514

Lake Anahuac is a 5,059-acre man-made lake located north of Anahuac, 45 miles east of downtown Houston, Texas. Exploring the region will give you access to woodlands, brackish marshes, the lake’s waters, and Trinity Bay. This lake is part of a wildlife sanctuary on the Texas coast, and this is one of the few areas you can quickly access both salt water and fresh water fishing.

Tom Bass Park

15108 Cullen Blvd
Houston, TX 77047

Tom Bass Park, just northwest of Pearland, is so extensive that it is separated into three sections. All sections have ponds and bank access, and section 3 features a fishing pier. Here you can catch catfish and bass, and others. You will love the park’s size; It makes the location one of the few where you can get a peaceful environment with friends and families.

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