Top 10 Walking Trails in Dallas

Dallas Walking Trails

Dallas is not typically noted for being a hiker’s town. However, you’ll be amazed to know that Dallas has a lot of beautiful, forested hiking trails and parks for locals and visitors to explore. Whether you are an experienced hiker who can’t wait to explore or a newbie who desires to get outside on a beautiful day, here are the top trails you should consider on your next nature excursion!

Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve

7171 Mountain Creek Pkwy. Dallas, TX 75249

Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve
Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve; image via blogspot

Formerly the Dallas Nature Center, these 9 miles of well-maintained walking trails provide visitors and hikers with picturesque and rich wildlife, plus a piece of Hill Country. The preserve spreads across 600 acres between FM1382 and Mountain Creek Parkway. The hills here are blanketed with eastern red ash juniper and shin oak, among other trees. You will also discover a couple of streams, picnic locations, and butterfly gardens. The hiking trails range from simple to fairly tricky, ideal for hikers of any level.

Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center

1206 FM1382, Cedar Hill, TX 75104

Located 25 minutes drive from Downtown Dallas, Dogwood Canyon offers over 1 mile of hiking trails featuring several of the highest elevation points in Dallas County. So, if you’re searching for some of the best hiking places around Dallas, check out this place. It is an excellent hiking spot if you wish to experience beautiful views and take breathtaking shots with your camera. Additionally, suppose you want to hang out in the canyon with family and friends. In that case, Dogwood offers a shady escape with picnic tables and an unstructured kid’s nature play area.

Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center
Hiking Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center; image via

Trinity River Audubon Center

6500 S Great Trinity Forest Way, Dallas, TX 75217

At 6,000 acres, the Trinity River Audubon Center is America’s largest urban hardwood forest. It is located at the center of Great Trinity Forest and, since 2008, has been educating guests concerning flora and fauna native to the Dallas region. The 4-mile walking trail passes through substantial open spaces encompassing the park, making it an excellent place for hikers. Here you can enjoy continuous sightseeing of the Trinity River, wetlands, and the birds.

Boulder Park Trail

6600 Pastor Drive, Dallas, TX 75237

Boulder Park Trail is a well-maintained 4. 1-mile trail. The park features a creek, water, forests, and some rocky areas. Here you’ll find two loops; red and blue. Red is the most challenging loop trail, while blue is easy and ideal for families and novice hikers.

Boulder Park Trail
Boulder Park Trail; image via

Texas Buckeye Trail

7000 Bexar Street, Dallas, TX 75215

Dallas Trinity Trails: Texas Buckeye Trail Hikes
Texas Buckeye Trail; image via blogspot

Texas Buckeye Trail has many interesting twists and turns and takes you through a big stand of Texas Buckeye trees, which is how the trail acquired its name. As you get to the end of the path, you can unwind on the boulders that offer you a view of the glorious Trinity River. This is a well-maintained trail with enough signage, so you will not need to worry about getting lost on this charming trail.

Piedmont Ridge Trail

2400 N Jim Miller Rd. Dallas, TX 75227

If you like breathtaking sights, be sure to visit Piedmont Ridge Trail. The trail is short but has probably the most stunning view. At every top point of the walk, you will find a fantastic idea where you will see the top of all the trees and the city skyline. In case you get tired, there are many benches to rest on, many of which are built from the trees.

Oak Cliff Nature Preserve

2875 Pierce Street, Dallas, TX 75233

Situated on 120-acre land, this nature preserve is well-maintained with plenty of birdlife, river valleys, forests, and more. You can access many hiking, mountain biking, and jogging paths, and Oak Cliff Nature Preserve is home to gorgeous wildflowers during spring. If you prefer shorter trails, many are available here, too, such as purple, the quickest, and the most straightforward routes.

Oak Cliff Nature Preserve - Texas Land Conservancy
Oak Cliff Nature Preserve; image via

Great Trinity Forest Gateway and Horse Trails

21611 Dowdy Ferry Rd. Dallas, TX 75217

Great Trinity Forest Gateway and Horse Trails
Great Trinity Forest Gateway and Horse Trails; image via

An attractive area set in the forest is situated next to IH-20. The Great Trinity Forest Gateway and Horse Trails feature facilities such as pavilions, a fishing pier, horse trails, concrete paths, fishing ponds, native trees and shrubs, and more. Guests get access to forest trails, as well.

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

6701 W Parker Rd. Plano, TX 75093

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve offers around three miles of natural surface trails and the other three miles of paved trails, which are suitable for individuals hiking with children in strollers. For bikers, you can check out the well-built bike trails inside the nature preserve. Even though the trail is a little bit difficult for novice hikers, it is an excellent place to experience the beauty of wildflowers in native prairie, particularly in spring. The 200-acre park features a bottomland forest with enormous trees such as elms and oaks and charming views of the bordering region. In the bottomland forest, you can easily access the loop, where you will discover the tributary of Indian Creek.

Katy Trail

3102 Maple Avenue, Suite 230, Dallas, TX 75201

Katy Trail
Katy Trail; image via

This is a well-known, shaded, paved trail in the downtown area, perfect for walking, rollerblading, and cycling. Some portions have individual parallel trails for cycling and pedestrians. In the off-season, crews regularly repair paths and bridges. The trail is open all year round and is gorgeous to visit anytime. Dogs are welcome here, but they should be on a leash.

Final Word on Dallas Walking Trails

As we conclude our exploration of the top 10 Dallas Walking Trails, it’s evident that this city offers a surprising wealth of natural beauty and outdoor experiences, perfect for adventurers of all levels. From the serene expanses of the Trinity River Audubon Center to the challenging paths of Boulder Park Trail, each trail invites you to immerse yourself in the unique landscapes and biodiversity that Dallas has to offer. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or someone looking to take their first steps into the great outdoors, these trails provide an accessible gateway to adventure, fitness, and the simple joy of being in nature.

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