Top 10 Reasons why Houston Summer Camp is Important for Children

Regardless of the time in which we currently are, the summer months are quickly approaching. You and your family might be contemplating if summer camp is suitable for your kids this year. We wanted to share some reasons summer camp is so important for kids. If you have ever gotten an opportunity to attend summer camp, there are no doubts that you have witnessed or experienced the benefits of going. Experiencing the benefits will not only benefit your kids in childhood but also when they are adults. Summer camp is so fundamental in the mental and psychological growth of your kids.
Benefits of Summer camp

Encourage physical health

Whether you choose a day camp or overnight camp, kids are active from morning till night. From playing sports, climbing ropes courses, or just going on trail hikes, kids always move and stay active. This is great for their physical health and beats just hanging around at home all summer on the couch.

Develop New Skills

The fantastic thing about summer camp is children are introduced to a whole new world and can explore different activities they might never know if not for the camp. For example, there might be a week of robotics, art, or theater. These special activities might be what sparks a new skill in your child.

Encourage Teamwork

Summer camp is all about teamwork; from the moment your start camp, you are put in groups, your team. Whether your child is shy or not, this will encourage them to work with others. No matter what camp they will participate in, kids will have many chanced to collaborate and grow.

Reduces Summertime Academic Loss

During the summer months, your kiddos brain goes into shutdown mode if not engaged. Summer camp blends fun, hands-on activities that are also educational, which is excellent for academic learning. Many summer programs support learning in fun ways throughout the summer, so kids don’t fall behind.

Stay Unplugged

Getting kids to stay off their tablets/phones can be pretty tricky and hard to break, but it is easier when screens are not allowed. Most summer camps do not allow kids to use electronics, and if they are, it is for a minimal time. Instead, they are encouraged to participate in sports or group activities. Kids will discover how much fun life is outside and interacting with their peers instead of being on a device.

Build Strong Friendships

Summer camp gives kids the opportunity to make new friends by pairing them together. When kids have to interact and explore new friendships outside of school, their family, or close circle they build social skills and confidence. Being paired up for weeks and even sharing a summer cabin creates friendship bonds like no other.

Build Confidence and Self-Esteem

Summer camp gives children the opportunity to handle situations and problems on their own. They are placed in a new environment away from home and their parents’ comforts when children handle simple situations independently, increasing their confidence and self-esteem.


Respect the Enviorment

Summer camp is a great way to learn about our environment and how to respect it. Most summer camps take place next to a lake, in the woods, away from the city, and this is an excellent setting for learning how to respect the environment and what little things we can do to help it. Kids can learn about recycling, composting, planting trees, and so much more.

Encourages Personal Growth

The fact that parents can’t attend summer camp with their children is what helps kids grow. Summer camp encourages personal growth through personal responsibility and independence. Kids grow by having to make their own decisions and trusting their intuitions without their parents to guide them.

Exposure to Diversity

Summer camp is a huge melting pot. Children can connect and make friends with other kids from all over the country with different ethnicities, interests, and backgrounds. Summer camp introduces children to different cultures in a fun and safe environment while making friends.

As you can see, there are many benefits to sending your children to summer camp, from learning social skills, making new friends, becoming independent, and reconnecting with nature, to name a few. Explore your options; there are so many unique summer camps and adventures awaiting.

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