The Force is Strong in Mom

There is a Force.  A balance if you will,  that oversees the universe and keeps our planet from careening off into the fiery gasses of our molten sun.  This Force keeps us grounded and mindful of dirty hands, clean underwear and brushing of teeth before bedtime. This same Force makes us eat green vegetables (cause it’s good for us), is always on the look out for spiders and posesses the keenest sense of smell in the entire solar system.  The Force is mom and without her, civilization might have catapulted to complete and utter destitude long, long ago.

One day out of the year we set aside a special time to honor mom. We bring her breakfast in bed, take her to brunch or present her with flowers and niceties. Yet every day of her life she devotes this amazing and uncanny commitment to her kids and family.  This commitment is so palpable and engrained in her DNA it sometimes manifests itself supernaturally.  Case in point; to this day, my own mother will call me out of the blue just to say, “What’s wrong?” I might not have spoken with her for a week and she calls me when something is actually wrong to ask me if something is wrong.  Some kind of psychic ability is inherent in moms that I just can’t explain.  Think you can get away with lying about washing your hands after she asked you to wash your hands? Forget it.  Moms know that too.

Millions of years of evolution must have given moms these abilities in order to safeguard their young.  Show me the most gentle, docile and sweet-as-pie mom. Now have some stranger endanger or even cross her child and that same sweet lady will go Honey Badger on anyone of any size.  I’ve seen that trigger go off in my own kids’ mom and that is one ‘mamma’, I don’t want to be on the receiving end of!

Yet the greatest thing our mom ever gave us and will always give us is love.  She more than any person in our life, demonstrated that for us on an unwavering daily basis.  She did that by staying up late and night to bake cookies for your class. She did it by giving you the last piece of meatloaf even if she hadn’t eaten yet.  Who else would boil six dozen hardboiled eggs for Easter when she knew no one was eating one.  Who else will remember age in months even when you turn 40 (it’s 480 in case you are wondering)?  Mom will hold a wet wash cloth on your forehead when your puking long after anyone else will.  She will swear you are the best dancer at the recital even if you had two left feet and were placed in the very back row of kids.  She loved you when you were right, she loved you when you were wrong.  For the record, no mother ever started a war or provoked an ‘international affair’ of any kind.

So this Mother’s Day, the sun will undeniably rise, the Earth will remain steady in its orbit and a fresh pair of white briefs will softly cradle your lower torso.  All of these things will take place because of your mother.  And in a world with so much uncertainty and fear, thank God that the Force is on our side.  I love you Mom.





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