How Kids Can Start a Herb Garden in Dallas

Growing herbs at home is an excellent way for kids to understand gardening. The majority of herbs are easy to grow and take little care to thrive. Herbs make lovely first plants for a youngster. Young children love to discover and explore nature. A child as young as three years old will wonder at the various and exciting smells available in an aromatic herb garden. Kids are thrilled to learn that they can grow lots of the herbs you use in preparing their meals.

How do you start a herb garden for beginners?

Young kids may never have heard of the herbs they eat or come into contact with every day. By setting up a child’s herb garden with them, you can educate them with the names of the different herbs and how they are used each day. Herb gardens for kids should be kept small. A few herb vegetation in the corner of your backyard, or a handful of containers, is good enough to get your kid started. By keeping the herb garden small, you’re helping make sure you keep it an enjoyable task for your little one. Place your child’s herb garden close to your own. This way, you will be better ready to help them do it independently, without hovering over them, providing your kids a great sense of pride and achievement.

What Herbs grow well in Dallas?


Mint is undoubtedly the simplest herb your children can grow. You can choose from peppermint, pineapple mint, spearmint, and more! While these mints have a unique flavor and scent, they all have one characteristic in common – a rampant growth behavior that can take over your whole garden if you are not careful. This makes mints an excellent choice for container growing to keep them from spreading excessively.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a beautiful herb to share with children because the leaves are incredibly fuzzy to feel, and they leave a trace of lemon fragrance on the fingers. Lemon balm is very versatile and is used for numerous uses like herb teas or simply a lemon kick to your salads and fish dishes. Ideally, it is grown within containers if you are short on space and thrives in full sunlight or partial shade.


Rosemary loves a good sunny location in well-drained garden soil. This is a staple in the kitchen garden and can be used in many dishes – both summertime and winter season. This lovely herb, mainly used for flavoring dishes, is typically used as ornamental plantings in the landscape. I’m sure children will love picking this herb for the kitchen.


Parsley is a fantastic herb to have growing in the garden or indoors, and children will love growing it. Parsley is fun for kids to grow, and it works well in a wide variety of dishes. Also, it has so many health benefits as it is loaded with nutrients that you will not expect from a herb. Your children will also love beautifying the dinner plates with this herb.


Sage is an excellent herb that you can harvest as and when you need it. It is an evergreen herb that has a lot of uses for cooking. It is effortless to gather by simply picking the leaves, making it great for children. If you don’t use the sage that much, the plant will grow, and it might need a bit larger pruning to make sure that it maintains its shape.


Thyme is an excellent herb with a lovely, aromatic, clover essence. Both fragrant ornamental types and culinary thyme variations bring a tasty note to grilled meats, soups, and veggies. This herb will give you a ton of taste, and it will also look great all year round, with more than 200 varieties to select from. Thyme can also be dried to use throughout the winter months and picked fresh for summer season dishes.


Chives are a low-maintenance plant, and they are most ideally put in a salad, particularly in egg or potato. They grow with high leaves and produce a beautiful purple blossom that is particularly popular with bees. An absolute must for just about any herb garden, either in storage containers or the bed. This is another easy-to-grow herb for your kids.


Lastly, we have basil. This herb is excellent to start from seed. You want to make sure you include basil in a window that gets plenty of sunlight since it needs a lot of sunlight and warmth to thrive. Basil is fantastic in homemade pasta dishes or pizza sauce.

Five best Dallas Gard and Plant Nurseries

Redenta’s Garden

2001 Skillman St.
Dallas, TX 75206

Redenta’s Garden Shops has 2 locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan region. It has adopted its small size at both locations, finding ways to inspire clients while maintaining its supply tight and simple to shop. Redenta’s Garden focuses on organic everything – herbs, perennials, succulents, Texas natives and hearty plants, and roses. You will find a DIY terrarium bar nestled against the back wall structure.

North Haven Gardens

7700 Northaven Road
Dallas, TX 75230

Since 1951, North Haven Home gardens has been the go-to plant nursery for those in Dallas, TX, and the bordering areas. Edibles such as raspberry bush, broccoli plants, and apple trees are their specialties. Here, you will find lots of trees, flowers, fruit, vegetable plants, and vines to covet. North Haven also has a garden instructor to give you one-on-one instruction, and the nursery puts on lessons regarding everything from correctly planting fruit trees to composting.

Walton’s Garden Center

8652 Garland Rd.
Dallas, TX 75218

Located across the street from the Dallas Arboretum, this family-owned Garden Center features North Texas’ best variety of annuals, perennials, organic soils, and more. Nothing makes a garden look much better than high-quality products. Walton’s has the tools, advice, and accessories you will need to make your landscape stand out year-round, whether in sunlight or shade.

Ruibal’s Plants of Texas

4 locations in Dallas

Ruibal’s sells trees, shrubs, flowers, tropical plants, seed products, cactus, mulches, seasonal plants, and other garden supplies. Owned and operated by the Ruibal family, they grow their bedding plants and perennials plants at their plant farm just 7 miles from their downtown Dallas and Lakewood shops. With trucks rolling in every day, you can get the most delicate plants in the metroplex.

Jacksons Home & Garden

6950 Lemmon Ave.
Dallas, TX 75209

This family-owned business started in the year 1983 as a pottery shop. They not only have the most extensive pottery selection in the Southwest, but product lines that include things like kitchen and outdoor appliances, patio furniture, gas lights and grills, fountains, decorative furniture for the home, and so much more. Jacksons is also trusted by architects and landscape developers who like a variety of trees, shrubs, flowers, herbs, succulents, and interior plants that instantly beautify the estate.

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