Wellness Tips for the New Year in Houston

Staying healthy during the holiday season is easier said than done. The holiday season is undoubtedly the busiest time of year for many people, making it challenging to adhere to your healthy lifestyle and wellness goals.

Here are wellness tips to help fuel you and lead a healthier lifestyle for the new year.

Drink a Glass of Water First Thing in the Morning

It’s best to begin your day by rehydrating with a full glass of drinking water. Hydrating first thing in the morning helps you to support digestion, enhance skin health and boost your energy.

Never Skip Meals

Skipping meals correctly, also known as intermittent fasting, can have fantastic health benefits, such as weight loss. But skipping meals to deprive yourself or because you are too busy to eat is a different story. Generally, skipping meals has negative consequences for your body, and this could lead to overeating and feeling less energetic. Instead, stick to three healthy meals and two snacks daily.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is an essential step in achieving your fitness and wellness goals. The body can’t perform effectively without proper sleep, and low energy levels can whizz enthusiasm. In addition, research shows that lack of sleep intervenes with appetite-regulating hormones, which can lead to excessive eating and poor food choices. There’s also research that sleep deprivation is associated with high amounts of the stress hormone cortisol, which is linked with belly fat. Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep every night. But in addition to quantity, quality of sleep is essential too!

Avoid Stress Eating

Stress eating is eating according to how you feel as opposed to hunger. Studies show that high-fat and high-calorie “comfort foods” can make us feel much better. But a habit of stress eating can result in weight gain and critical health concerns over time. That’s why we should attempt to understand how stress eating works and how to break this pattern.

Give Deep Breathing a Try

Breathing meditation works fine when you give it a try. Take a few minutes right now to sit relaxed and focus on the sensations of your breath. Allow any thoughts that come within your mind to drift by without any involvement. This requires training, but it’s rewarding.

Limit Your Leisure Screen Time

Many of us spend all our spare time focused on technology, and we have less time for the habits and activities that make us feel good. Setting a limit to your screen time as part of your healthcare journey will minimize your eye strain and boost your focus and aid your sleep and in-person connections. Screen time is often addicting. If you find out you’re spending more hours in front of your phone than you are being active, make a plan to substitute some of that viewing time with physical activities. For example, swap your scrolling to read a physical book, cook your favorite meals, or take a walk outside.

Go for nontoxic Household Cleaning Products

Conventional household cleaning products are full of harmful substances that are not good for our overall health. Switching to healthier options is a primary method to lessen your exposure to environmental toxins in your house.

Do Things You Enjoy Most

This often gets ignored as an essential element of healthy living, doing things you enjoy daily. Whether physical exercise, crafting, cooking, reading a book, or watching TV, save time each day to do activities you enjoy.

You have to start slowly, no matter how big or small your objective is. Small steps pave the way to long-lasting practices. Having an “all or nothing” mentality will likely reverse, and you will likely return to your old ways. Therefore, if you indulge in a pizza or skip a workout, avoid using that as an excuse to throw in the towel. Just pick up where you left off and do better next time. Keep in mind it’s about improvement, not perfection.

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