10 Steps to Get Organized for the New School Year in Dallas

Getting organized can make anyone’s life easier. Establishing good organizational skills is often a key element for success in school and life. Even though some folks are naturally more organized compared to others, anyone can put routines and methods in place to become organized anywhere. Learning various organization hacks for school can help prevent things from mounting up and becoming frustrating.

Here are tips to help parents and children be organized at home, at school, and beyond.

Clean Out Closets & Dressers

Clean out closets and plan ways to organize school clothing. Before going back-to-school shopping, get organized in your house by cleaning out cabinets and dressers.

Donate or discard outgrown or worn-out clothing to make room for the new ones. It’ll be better to choose outfits if there’s less clutter.

Designate a Study Space

Your child needs to study in the same place every evening. It doesn’t have to be a bedroom, but it can be some sort of peaceful place using no distractions at all.

Clean and Organize your Office/Study/Homework Area.

Do a thorough cleanup of the home office and/or study area. Time to eliminate all the disorder accumulated during summer and get back to business. For those who have an office space and area in your home where your kids do their own homework, then it’s time to clean them up and organize!

Fill up Supplies

After cleaning, make a list of all sorts of things your child needs for the coming school year, from bags to crayons. Check with their teacher or the school for a list of materials, and check what’s missing. Purchase extras of necessary items and store them for later use.

Set up Regular Time Slots for Study and Homework

Your child should understand that a certain time daily is scheduled for studying and going through homework. The best time will likely be not right after school – most small children benefit from time to have fun first. It’s ideal if you include your child in choosing a study time. Even if they don’t have assignments, the scheduled time should be used to review the day’s lessons, read books or work on future tasks.

Plan for School Lunches

What will your children be eating? Now is the time to get prepared for school lunches. Figure out how things will work to get structured and have everything go smoothly beginning from the very first day. Setting it up now means you can cross one more thing off of your checklist.

Set up a Family Calendar

Keep a big, wall-sized calendar for the family, itemizing the family’s schedules for extracurricular activities, significant occasions at home and at school, and days off from school.

Take note of exam dates, school activities, or due dates for tasks and projects. This could help family members keep an eye on each other’s activities and prevent conflicting schedules.

Perform a Weekly Cleanup

Have your children clear away book bags and notebooks every week. Outdated tests and paperwork should be sorted out and kept in a separate file in the house. Paperwork, candy wrappers, and other waste should be thrown away. School supplies that have made their way to the bottom of a backpack must either be put in a specific pocket or put back in their particular study space in the house.

Prepare for the Day Ahead of Time

Before going to bed, make sure that everything that’s needed for school is intact, from school supplies to homework. The next day’s clothes must also be laid out with footwear and accessories. That will lessen the morning distress and allow your child to prepare easily for the day ahead.

Engage with your Child’s School & Teacher

Teachers can certainly help keep you knowledgeable of strengths your child has and areas that require improvement. Your involvement can help improve your son or daughter’s learning.

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