10 Fun Halloween Party Ideas in Austin

10 Fun Halloween Party Ideas in Austin

From costumes to games, Halloween is one of the most unforgettable times of the year for children (and adults too)! In terms of organizing a memorable Halloween party, it’s all about focusing on the details. An organized party with both kids and adults in mind can be worth adding to the plan. Think about drinks, music, and desserts. Plus, use some festive Halloween crafts, entertaining activities, and playful decors, and your visitors will indeed have a good time.

Fun Halloween Party Ideas to Make this Year’s Celebration Your Best One Yet.

Halloween Party Invitations

Start by making invitations for your fun, kid-friendly Halloween party. Choose festive Halloween colors and graphics (that kids love) for your invitations to reveal that your party will not be a scary one! You may use rubber-stamped announcements, ready-made themed cards, or if you want to be more creative, design your own party invitations on your laptop with Halloween clip art and festive colors and fonts.

Halloween Decors

Adorning your place for Halloween celebrations is half the fun of organizing them. Think of using a pumpkin topiary or jack-o-lantern with dry ice fog as your centerpiece. And instead of using scary plastic spiders, you can use pumpkin LED lights. Bring some Halloween yard decors on the inside to complete your party scene. But don’t forget that when planning your Halloween decors, carefully consider your youngest visitors and what they might find terrifying.

Fun Foods for Halloween Parties

Creepy dishes are a must at a Halloween party but never overdo the idea. Older children might enjoy the fake blood on top of the creepy-looking food, but most younger children might be frightened by that.

Consider giving festive treats, such as witchy Halloween chocolate cupcakes, colorful jello shot syringes, or chocolate-cinnamon skeleton cupcakes.

Halloween Party Drinks

Halloween drinks are another feature that should be festive and not too scary or gross for your kid-friendly party. Try having a vibrant green Halloween punch out of ginger ale, lime sherbet, and tiny drops of green food coloring. Or serve kids with candy corn punch or oreo milkshake and serve it in mason jars!

Halloween Costumes for Kids and Adults

The Halloween party setting wouldn’t be complete without costumes. A DIY costume will surely help you save some cash but if you don’t have time to do so, choose from the many ready-made costumes available online or your local shops. Also, remember that if you’re hosting the party or attending a kid-friendly Halloween party, make sure your costume isn’t too scary and family-friendly and appropriate.

As the party sponsor, it can be helpful to note on your party invitation that visitors should come in kid-friendly Halloween costumes as well.

Spooky Music for Halloween Party

While older children might like the spine-tingling screams from frightening movie soundtracks, brighten the playlist using appropriate Halloween tunes for younger children. A lot of songs and sound effects for your Halloween occasion can be downloaded online for free. Or you may also try a kid-friendly Halloween movie as background sound.

Halloween Party Games

Make sure that visitors are having a good time with Halloween party games. You can arrange self-made carnival games or burn up some energy in a mummy sack race or candy corn relay race.

Halloween Crafts

Let your visitors show their own creative side by creating Halloween crafts that kids can keep as souvenirs. Try a popsicle stick pumpkin keepsake or the easy-to-make ghost garland.

Halloween Treat Bags

Although your party guests are going trick-or-treating, it still can be a good gesture to send them home with a little treat bag.

You may even make a festive felt treat bag for them to use every single Halloween. Or create a paper treat bag template available online. You may decorate the paper treat bag with stickers or stamps.

Halloween Treats

After you have created your treat bags, stuff them with Halloween snacks for the road. Sweets such as homemade gummy worms or rice cereal goodies in Halloween form will hold up well in a treat bag. Just a few treats will be sufficient since kids will likely have trick-or-treating candy from the holiday too.

We hope these Halloween tips and tricks help you have a ghoulishly good time at your next kid-friendly Halloween party.

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