Forever And Then Some

April 6, 2016

Dear Son,

Today I was reminded of just how important a birthday can be.  For just over two years ago, your mom and I heard the crying of a tiny boy from the back room of your orphanage in China.  It was there we found each other. I put you in my arms, fed you a bottle and did my best to console you.  You were not even one and you had already fought so hard to live. We called you Peanut that day.

When you turned one, we were a thousand miles away from you.  We thought of you every single day. You were in our prayers and in our hearts every moment. We missed you more than you could imagine and celebrated and loved you from far away.

When you turned two, you celebrated your birthday with your new family. Only weeks before that day, we had come together for the rest of our lives.

Today you turn three. In the short time we have known you, the lives of your parents and your brother and sisters have been transformed. You’ve brought so much happiness into our lives and so much joy into our hearts. You’ve taught us how important life is, how family has no boarders and love is really the only thing we should be fighting for.

Birthdays are a celebration of ones life.  Its a chance to recognize how blessed we are and the opportunity we have to live.  There is much reason to celebrate you today and you have enriched the lives of everyone who knows you.

Happy Birthday my little hero, my hiking buddy, my Go-Go man, daddy’s helper, my moon at night, and my inspiration. Happy Birthday MB.


Forever And Then Some,


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