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Inspiring Mom

I am inspired by those parents who have faced tragedy and turned that event into something better and often times beautiful for others.  Becky Nichols is such a parent. As owner of a local bakery here in Austin called A Trip to Bountiful, Becky became a friend of my family through our association with her catering services for my company Kidventure.

At only the age of  five and half,  Becky’s precious little daughter Libbie,  lost her battle against cancer, but inspired her mother to create the bakery she calls Bountiful and an organization named Loving Libbie Memorial Foundation.  That foundation, through her bakery, provides comfort food for children battling cancer, cakes for children coming out out treatment and special birthdays celebrating the lives of those children working so hard to continue living.

Her story is one that gives me strength and reminds me that our children are so very precious.  For life spent any other way than celebrating them here and now, is life not spent well.  So if in Austin, drop by A Trip to Bountiful, sample the Fried Green Tomato Sandwich and help support a mom who exemplifies the best in parenthood.

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