15 Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids in Houston

Easy Halloween Crafts for Houston Kids

Children of all ages enjoy Halloween for many great reasons. And while you can easily guess that the main one is most likely all the tasty snacks, we know they will have so much fun making artistic and fun Halloween crafts, too.

Besides the Halloween costumes, candies, and trick-or-treating, Halloween is a terrific season to show off your creative side. Take these simple Halloween crafts for kids, for example; they will enliven, excite, and inspire kids of all ages and skill levels. Whether you want to limit the materials and set up or have one or more kids or preschoolers involved, easy Halloween crafts are the way to go! Most of these only need very simple materials that you may already have at home. Prepare to whip up some fun designs, pumpkins, treat bags, party favors, and a lot more. Since they are super simple, anyone can make these adorable Halloween crafts for kids!

Here are 15 fun and simple Halloween crafts so everyone can get creative with these simple ideas!

Retro Halloween Masks Wreath

Make use of some retro masks to create this fun wreath, or have young ones draw a pair for you! To make this, search (online) and print some multi-colored vintage paper masks. Affix to circular cardboard with a dab of hot glue, overlapping them as you go.

Handprints Halloween Bat

What better way to cherish those little handprints than with this lovely bat craft? Grab a few black construction papers and paint their hands with bright purple or white paints, and you’re on your way to creating a fun spooky keepsake.

Candy Corn Party Hat

A cute candy corn hat is ideal for Halloween get-togethers, dress-up, playtime, or even to wear as part of DIY Halloween costumes for children. You can use construction paper, paints, ribbon, sprinkles, tissue, really anything you have at home, just make sure you use yellow, orange, and white so it looks like candy corn.

Clothespin Bats

Let your kid turn a few of your old wooden clothespins into adorable bats using markers, construction paper, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes. Kids will enjoy making a bat family.

Lollipop Ghost

Coffee filters are beautifully cut and designed to make Halloween ghouls. Position a lollipop in the middle of two filters and pull the edges around, twisting at the base of the candy. Tie up the neck of the ghost using a black ribbon, or pipe cleaner, and make a face by using a marker and/or googly eyes. Ruffle the tips of the coffee filter to make your ghost slightly scary feature.

Masking Tape Mummy

For this DIY art, all you need is masking tape, googly eyes, and a mummy cut out of construction paper for this spooky and easy Halloween craft for small children. Kids will tape pieces of tape on the construction mummy and then place the googly eyes on its face.

Monster Mobile

Turn toilet paper rolls into a monster mobile by painting or coloring the tubes like monsters and attaching big googly eyes, squiggly pipe-cleaner arms, and toothy construction-paper mouths. String jointly at staggering heights for a cheap Halloween art idea for children.

Footprint Ghosts

Any time you’ll be making Halloween crafts for very young children this fall, we’ve got one that’s extremely cute enough to showcase for years to come. Try to make your youngster’s footprint into a spooky ghost encircled by the words, “Trick or Treat“, you can glue googly eyes to its face. All you will need is black construction paper, white paint, and googly eyes.

Paper Bag Bats

Paper bag bats couldn’t be easier to make, nevertheless, we guarantee your kids will love the results as they make their puppets surge through the air. All you will need are paper lunch bags, paints, glue, different color construction paper, you can even use googly eyes.

Puffy Ghosts

Create these dangling ghouls by using cotton balls on cardstock or construction paper. Use glue to attach paper eyes and mouths in expressions of your choice, then attach a string to the top so you can hang them throughout your home.

Toilet Paper Roll Bat Armbands

Allow your kid to create this cool bat armband. A toilet paper roll tube works perfectly around little arms, and the bat’s paper wings could flap as your youngster moves their arm!

Yarn Monster

Need a friendly monster to scare away all the creepy crawlies that go bump in the night? Well, this friendly yarn monster is perfect for little kids. All you need to do is wrap some yarn over a little piece of cardboard, about 3 inches wide, 50 times. Slash the end and carefully take off the cardboard. Tie a second piece of yarn tightly in the center of the yarn bundle, then cut the looped corners—flair out the yarn to make it look the way you want. Accessorize with googly eyes and looped pipe-cleaner arms, properly tucked through the middle of the yarn ball.

Toilet Paper Roll Characters

This DIY craft is super simple, and if you have a lot of toilet paper rolls at home, then they’re the perfect backdrop for fun Halloween characters like ghosts, pumpkins, witches, and other Halloween elements and characters you can think of. Enjoy these toilet paper characters!


Build-your-own Pumpkin

This one is one of the easiest DIY crafts to make. Paint a small paper plate orange and cut out some patterns for eyes, nose, and a spooky grin with black paper. Have a green pipe cleaner on hand, watching as your toddler builds their own pumpkin by gluing the different elements together. Then, try these very simple, no-carve ornament options for pumpkins.

Paper Plate Monsters

It doesn’t get any better than these lovely paper plate monsters when it comes to Halloween crafts for preschoolers. Just cut up construction paper in different colors and hand your toddler the glue stick for some Halloween fun.

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