Crafting in Austin

With the current situation going on in Austin and all over the world, we find ourselves at home scrambling to find ways to keep the whole family entertained and happy. What better way than to get crafting. You might not know it, but there are so many items you have lying around your house you can use to make some incredible crafts. Below is a list of some fantastic crafts you and the kids can enjoy making. 


Kids are full of imagination – let their imagination flow in these fun crafts and activities. Infact the whole family could participate. These are all pretty simple and do not require anything special – just a child’s imagination.


Make Crayons

Most families have that famous box full of broken crayons that nobody wants to use, so why not take those crayons and up-cycle them and make new ones. All you need are broken crayons, cupcake trays, or fun baking molds and an oven. Create cool color combinations and fun shapes. 

Pencil Pinwheels

This is a fun and easy craft that you and the kids can do together. Pinwheels are fun to play with, can be used to decorate the garden, or add them to your desk to add some color. All you need are pencils, colorful paper, tacks, scissors, and a ruler. You can get super creative by decorating your paper before you create the pinwheel. 

Make Hanging Bird Feeders 

Why not make something special for the birds and make them some hanging bird feeders. With two ingredients and cookie cutters, you can make bird feeders and attract a variety of beautiful birds to your garden. 

Make Plant Markers 

If you have a garden, this is a great project for your family. Take those rocks that you have lying around outside and give them some color and sparkle. Take your stones, permanent markers, paint, and a few other items and make tags for everything you have growing in the garden. 

Make Wind Chimes

If you have terracotta pots that aren’t being used, why not transform them into a wind chime. With some acrylic paint, beads, string, and the terracotta pot, you can create some fun and colorful wind chimes. Everyone can come up with their style and design, and in the end, you will have an assortment of wind chimes to hang outside. 

Natural Tie-dye Shirts

You will be so surprised how many of the foods you have a home can be used as a natural dye for clothing. Take those single colored shirts and some fruit or veggies and make a new shirt. You’ll be shocked at how amazing they will turn out. 

Make Lanterns 

Save those tin cans and transform them into beautiful lanterns for your garden or to add some light to your backyard 

Up-Cycle Old Mugs 

If you are tired of the same old plain mugs, why not up-cycle them but adding your style and flair to them. You can get creative with paints and glitters or more simple by just using some permanent markers. We think this is a super cute and easy way to give your mugs a new look. 

Make Book Markers

You can make some cute bookmarks by using felt and a few other items you might have in your sewing kit. There are many different tutorials online for you to use, all using felt fabric. Some use elastic to wrap around the book, other tutorials use ribbon, have fun with it and be creative and make your design.

Crystal Names

This is a fun twist on the classic science fair exhibit: If you happen to have some borax lying around your house from all that slime making give this cool craft a try. Bend pipe cleaners into letters or shapes, and watch them grow sparkles overnight. 

Spending time with the kids and crafts has a lot of benefits, it can build their coordination, their desire to be creative, and get them to try new things. It also shows them how you can transform old ideas into new things. Try one or all of these fun crafts, if you need more ideas the search online for more DIY crafts. 

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