Top 10 Best Crafting Classes in Austin

Best Crafting Classes in Austin

Welcome summer! Now that the weather is warming up and Austin schools are almost over, it’s time to start planning some fun and creative summer activities for teens. Whether you’re looking for something to keep your teen entertained during break or just want them to make the most of their free time, these DIY projects will excite them.

With just a few simple materials and tools, you can craft some cool home decor pieces or give your bedroom a makeover. Here are some fun and creative DIY summer project ideas for teens that won’t break the bank!


Sunset Valley Market Fair
5400 Brodie Ln Ste 350

Explore the possibilities with crafting classes for all ages in Austin! From learning the basics of weaving to honing other traditional arts and crafts skills, Austin offers an incredible array of opportunities for individuals looking to discover their creative potential. No matter your age or experience level, Austin crafting classes provide an accessible and fun platform to sharpen your skills while making new friends in a warm and inspiring community setting. Get ready to unearth untold talents as you explore the vibrant world of crafting in Austin!

Custom chalkboard art project

Make your Austin patio or deck more inviting with a custom chalkboard art project. All you need is a canvas panel, a roll of white chalkboard paint, painter’s tape, and chalk markers. Paint the canvas panel with two to three coats of paint, letting it dry between each coat. Once fully dried, use the painter’s tape to create a design on the board. Then take the chalk markers and start coloring it in. Once done, peel off the tape to reveal your colorful masterpiece!

Brighten your windowsill or garden with some cool Austin-themed and personalized planters! Just grab some unpainted ceramic pots with matching saucers, paint, alphabet stamps, and brushes. First, stamp the letters into the pot with the paint; let it dry fully before applying another layer for better coverage. Once it dries, you can get creative with painting designs around the sides of the pot. Put your little plants in the pot and set it on the saucer—you’re ready to show off your new potted masterpiece!

The Contemporary Austin

700 Congress Ave.
Austin,  Tx 78701

This summer, let your child explore their creative side and unlock their artistic potential at The Art School! With captivating courses ranging from Storytelling through Art to Crazy Critter Sewing, there’s something for every budding artist. Plus, they’ll have the opportunity to take inspiration from Laguna Gloria’s beautiful 14 acre sculpture park. Whether they’re creating vessels or exploring contemporary art techniques, all our classes offer an unforgettable learning experience that will give your child’s imagination a truly inspiring boost. We even offer adult classes on weekends and in the evenings, so you can take part too! Join us this summer, and give your inner artist the freedom to thrive.

Tie-Dye Classes in Austin With Art Garage

11190 Circle Drive, Suite 202
Austin, TX 78736

For a classic summer look, try designing and creating your own t-shirts. Not only will it be fun for your teen to design their artwork and text, but they can also show off their style all summer. With basic crafting supplies like fabric paint, fabric markers, stencils, and iron-on transfers, you’ll have everything you need for a custom t-shirt.

Give your living room a vibrant update with some tie-dye pillows! All you need are some plain white pillowcases and fabric dye. Start by adding the dye in whatever pattern you want and letting them soak overnight. In the morning, rinse the pillowcases until the water runs clear. Hang them to dry, then stuff them with foam. Your tie-dyed masterpieces are now ready to adorn your couch or bed!



916 Springdale
Austin, TX 78702
(512) 900-9957

CRAFTCRAFT is the perfect place for any occasion: corporate events, seminars, brainstorming sessions, bridal showers, or just a fun party with friends.

At CRAFT, you can unleash your inner artist and explore new skills while sipping on beer or wine with companions. From materials and tools for crafting your masterpiece to tidying up once you’re done, our dynamic space captures the ideal mix of creative sophistication and comfort that will make every gathering truly unforgettable.

Come experience the innovation and inspiration of CRAFT! Our team members are here to help you plan and execute something special – from networking mixers and birthday parties to bachelor/bachelorette celebrations – whatever your imagination can create. We look forward to making your event one for the books!


Austin Community College – Jewelry

ACC Jewelry Department
6101 Highland Campus Drive
Austin, TX 78752

ACC Jewelry Department | Learn to Create Jewelry in Austin, Texas

Jewellery-making is a skill that has been around for centuries and continues to flourish today. If you’re looking to learn the timeless art of creating and restoring treasured heirlooms from silver and gold, Austin Community College’s Jewelry Department can provide you with the expertise and tools you need. Our comprehensive course offers an up close exploration of all aspects of jewellery fabrication, casting, and repair — in both traditional and modern methods. Our faculty is comprised of industry veterans with decades of experience, equipped to give you the guidance and knowledge necessary to succeed in this exquisite craft!

Art Academy

5424 W US Hwy 290 Service Rd, Suite 110
Austin, TX 78735

Art Plus Academy. ART classes in-studio and online.

Unleash your creativity with our unrivaled art classes! From sketching to painting, we have the perfect program for kindling a passion for artistry. Whether you’re a first-time beginner or an experienced artist, join us in one of four convenient locations around Austin – NW Austin, Cedar Park, SW Austin, and Lakeway – or explore our diverse collection of online life classes from anywhere in the world. Our inspiring teachers are highly qualified professionals, armed with college art degrees, vibrant artistic backgrounds, and an enduring dedication to imparting knowledge. Come explore the magical possibilities of art with us at Ignite Art Classes!

Austin Creative Art Center

505 West 14th Street
Austin, Tx 78701

At ACAC, we are passionate about helping learners of all ages to unlock their creative potential and experience the wonders of art. Through our meticulously crafted artistic concepts and techniques, we strive to provide young minds with an expansive platform to engage in cognitive reflections, while deepening their understanding of life’s possibilities. Our diverse selection of mediums—from acrylic paints and watercolors to pen and ink and pastels—offers a wealth of opportunities for students to express themselves freely and authentically. We believe that by fostering a supportive environment, we can inspire boundless self-confidence, enabling every individual to exceed expectations as they launch into their own unique journey of artistic exploration. So come along and join us on this captivating adventure!


Atelier Dojo

4704 East Cesar Chaves Street
Austin, Tx 78702

Atelier Dojo—the only traditional fine arts school in Austin, Texas! Here, you can embark on an enriching and immersive journey of creativity. Our professional curriculum offers an array of programming, ranging from full-time and part-time representational drawing and painting courses to evening and weekend classes for all skill levels. Additionally, our open studios provide a relaxed environment to explore the craft of art at your own pace. We are passionate about cultivating talent and welcoming new artists into the fold; check out our selection of week-long summer classes and join the revolution today!

Cordovan Art School
Summer Art Classes for Adults

8108 Mesa Drive, Suite B-102
Austin, TX 78759

Cordovan Art School—where happiness blossoms within the walls of creative self-expression. Our “smile-smile” policy guarantees that everyone who passes through our doors will be greeted with a warm welcome, and we endeavor to ensure they leave with a smile when their class is complete. We create a positive atmosphere where passionate artists can relax and take time to explore the fundamentals of art and design. Here, we foster an appreciation for the arts and celebrate our collective growth while learning from some of the best teachers around.

Success is built on hard work and consistency. At Cordovan, we rely on tried and true techniques and principles to get the best results. As students master these foundational skills, they become increasingly proud as their achievements come to life right before their eyes. That pride is shared by us all!

Art Barn

14284 FM 2769
Volente, TX 78641


Experience the art of celebration for kids at our conveniently located art school—the perfect destination for creative birthday parties no matter your age. With full access to our studio included in your two-hour package, you’ll enjoy a truly custom experience, as little ones aged six and above explore their artistic side with a project of their choosing. From sculpture crafting to painting or decorating, each budding artist will take home a unique piece of artwork as an unforgettable party favor. Plus, there’s plenty of time for cake and snacks to refuel post-project! So come join us to bring your party dreams to life in the most imaginative of ways.

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