Erupting Frozen Snow and Two Other Activities Your Kids Will Love at Home

It’s Friday and the last day of school before the Holiday Break. If you’re like most parents, you’ve given a lot of thought to decorations, how you are going to … Read more

MawMaw Helen’s Famous 7-Up Cake

This wonderful desert is compliments of Kierra Spencer, Houston’s Assistant After School Coordinator which has been passed down by her MawMaw, Helen Robinson. Being from New Orleans, food has always … Read more

Nana’s Sausage and Sage Stuffing

This family recipe is offered to us by Kristen Stephens, Kidventure’s Office Manager for Austin.  It comes from Kristen’s Nana. I can’t remember a Thanksgiving without my Nana’s stuffing.  To … Read more

Making Memories with Kids

The smell of bacon frying never fails to remind me of Saturday mornings My mom, Dad and I could put away a pound of bacon between the three of us … Read more

10 Great American Indoor Water Parks

Travelling this fall?  Don’t put away the swim suits and beach towels. America’s indoor water parks don’t kowtow to seasons or climate change — they’re consistent hydrotherapeutic oases with the … Read more

100 Things All Kids Should Try

A bucket list for childhood? Sure thing. Check out these 100 things all kids should try during their childhood, and be sure to cross a few off the list before … Read more

Volunteering with Children

Volunteering with children is a great way to help them learn about giving back. Children learn valuable skills while “on the job.” Homeschooled students, who may have more time available … Read more

The Six Flags Over Texas

Thanks to the Texas Almanac, 1857-2007 for this information and so much more; a terrific reference about Texas’ history, politics, economy and geography as well as current facts on cities, towns and counties.

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