Big Challenges, Small Solutions

I think often that some of the most important lessons in life come not from inspirational speakers, therapists and yoga instructors, but from kids.  Perhaps it is the way they view the world and those around them, unimpeded by the filters, opinions and preconceived notions we tend to pile up as we grow older.

I think that far too many ‘adults’ gloss over the answers and examples our kids give us and dust them off as ‘childish behavior’.  Perhaps more of us could benefit from some ‘childish behavior’ and an unabashed innocence that so many kids possess.

The following video comes to us from CNN posted May 15, 2012. It is an example of the power of being a kid, even in the most challenging of situations. It demonstrates  the capacity and ability, through friendship, to find hope in one another.   It should serve as an example for all of us.

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