Establish Better Sleep for Back to School in Dallas

Tips to Establish a Good Back-to-school Sleep Schedule

Almost all kids see the summer times as a moment to stay up later and sleep in longer. As time passes, their bodies adapt to this new routine, and it becomes the norm. But when school is back in session, you’re very likely starting to think about how you will possibly get your kids up and ready on time for school.

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Parents know that a good night’s sleep is crucial to their children’s success at school. With quality sleep, children have a better mood and capability to focus. A regular sleep routine, a quality sleep environment, and other good sleep hygiene routines play a significant role in children’s academic achievements and overall well-being.

Suggested hours children of all ages should sleep every night:

3-5 year old: 10-13 hours
6-12 year old: 9-12 hours
13-18 year old: 8-10 hours

Helpful Tips for Getting Your Kids on a Regular Sleep Schedule

Start the Transition Early On

Two to three weeks prior to the start of the school year, embark on getting your little ones back into the habit of going to bed earlier.

A good start is moving their bedtime back, approximately 15 minutes from their usual summer schedule, and gradually moving back right up until they are going to bed at the appropriate school schedule time.

Power Down Electronics

All electronics should be turned off or taken away an hour before bedtime. This consists of TV, tablets, handy phones, computers, etc. The contents of these devices are mentally stimulating, and the light released from the screen signals to the brain that it’s daytime.

Establish an Ideal Sleep Environment

Keep your kids’ bedrooms cool (68-72 degrees), comfortable, quiet, and dimly lit so they settle the body and mind.

Restrict Caffeine Consumption

If you don’t want your little ones up late during the night time, it’s best to control their caffeine intake after lunch and nothing within three hours of bedtime. Encourage your child to avoid energy drinks, coffee, tea, chocolate, and cola. Caffeine is a stimulant and not very good for young children anyway.

Make Sure They Eat Healthily and Exercise Regularly

It’s necessary that your children get a lot of exercise in the daytime, which will help them wind down faster later at night. Healthy eating has also been proven to boost quality sleep, and it’s really significant to feed them foods that allow them to stay active and alert in the daytime but allow them to wind down during the nighttime.

Speak With Your Children

Kids will normally test the limits, and getting them on a sleeping schedule may be much more difficult than it looks.

It’s necessary that you talk with your children regarding the reasons why they have a specific bedtime and explain how it’s meant to help them feel good while they’re at school and why it’s an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Also, ensure that you establish straightforward rules.

Shifting from a summer sleep routine to a back-to-school sleep routine doesn’t have to be torture. Starting up as soon as possible, practicing good sleep habits, along with ensuring your young ones get enough night sleep, will help make waking up on the first morning of school (and every day after that) easier for your children and for you.


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