The Beginning of a New Adventure: China

Jinman University is the site of Kidventure China
Jinman University is the site of Kidventure China

This Sunday, I will be flying to Hong Kong.  At my side will be my friend, Tommy Broyles, Professor of Law at the University of Texas.  Together, we will be traveling to speak to officials and parents, market and set the stage for bringing Kidventure to China this summer.  To say this is an adventure would be an understatement as vast as China itself.

Kidventure has been invited to bring its unique summer camp program to Jinman University located in the city of Zhuhai in Guandong Province, The Peoples Republic of China.  With an entire American team of counselors, teachers and specialists, we will provide two eight-day sessions of camp to students between the ages of 7-18.

China-Map-zhuhaiFor me personally,  the chance to bring our mission and purpose to the many children in China is absolutely exciting.  For our partners in China, Kidventure provides a new way to approach a very traditional educational system, one that is much more hands-on and experiential.   Together, our aim is to take students out of the classroom and give them opportunities to learn more collaboratively, exploring the world around them and learning in new and different ways.  Secondly, we are trying to raise the idea that instilling  ‘soft skills’ such as strong character traits, confident public speaking prowess and the ability to foster and work in  teams will catapult a sound academic foundation.   We will accomplish both of these goals through our active curriculum.  For example, we’ll teach English through theatre and public speaking through its delivery to an audience.  We will share Western culture through painting classes that study Dali, Warhol and Kahlo.  We will foster problem solving, compromise and cooperation through low ropes courses and we will run through the evening light in American-style Capture the Flag for no other reason than just to have fun.

So, over the course of the week and into the summer, I will do my best to blog about my experiences.  I will try to communicate the uniqueness of China, the personalities of the people, our success and our missteps along the way.  My hope is that the adventure will result in a better understanding of each other and the opportunity for camp to bring the world a little closer.

We’ll talk soon…


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