Myth Busters About Austin

Austin, Texas is full of tales that will make you chuckle, wiggle, and shake your head. Although most of them are based on gossip and word of mouth, you can’t help but question whether any of these stories hold any fact.

Picking bluebonnets is illegal.

Bluebonnets are the official state flower of Texas. Typically, bluebonnet season ramps up in March and peaks in early April. Inevitably someone wishes to stop striking a perfect Instagram pose. Whether you are a longtime Texan or recently transplanted, you have likely heard that picking spring bluebonnets is illegal in Texas. But according to the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, no Texas law prohibits the picking of bluebonnets. But it is highly suggested that you leave the bluebonnets alone so everyone can enjoy them in their natural state.

The Frost Bank Tower in Downtown looks like an owl.

The Frost Bank Tower was downtown Austin’s highest building after its grand opening in the year 2004.

The tower is recognized by its blue glass curtain wall, limestone base, and unique crown of folded glass planes. It is rumored to be designed by a Rice graduate because the building looks like an owl from certain angles. However, the story about the Frost Bank building is not true. Fact is, the tower was designed by Duda/Paine Architects, LLP and HKS, Inc., neither of them has associations or agendas with Rice University.

110 people move in Austin per day.

Whether it is realtors or Uber drivers, nobody can get enough Austin growth chats. The most popular number is that 110 people move here to Austin every day. There is no foundation for these digits, and a comprehensive analysis of various state departments by Politifact puts the numbers in Austin closer to 50 each day. The city is growing, but not that fast; most native Austinites would disagree.

Austin is weird.

Austin is one of a kind, and so are its residents. You may have heard the city’s famous motto, “Keep Austin Weird”, and pondered what do they mean by this?

Fact is, the city has unofficially taken “Keep Austin Weird” as a motto. “Keep Austin Weird” means supporting local businesses, which are the very core of Austin, while simultaneously combating the increase of big-box retailers and multinational companies.s.

Other Popular Myths About Austin

The Texas flag is the only flag that can soar as high as the U.S. flag

Nothing in federal law makes Texas’ flag a lot more special than any other state’s flag. The Texas flag is permitted to fly as high as the U.S. flag, but so can every other state flag in the United States. .

The UT Tower looks like an owl because it was created by a Rice University graduate.

According to stories, a Rice University graduate eventually became an architect and designed the University’s tower regarding Rice’s owl mascot and Austin’s offense. UT Tower was designed by Paul Cret, who graduated from the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

The moonlight towers were created to find a serial killer

In the past, there was a serial killer known as the “Servant Girl Annihilator.” Rumor has it Austin set up moonlight towers to help locate the man responsible. Sadly, this is not true, as the towers were not built until ten years after the murders happened.

The Texas Capitol faces south in recognition of the Texas Revolution

This one has two well-known tales. First is that Texas constructed the Capitol facing south as a snub to the Union. The other one is that it faces south in the direction of Goliad or the Alamo to remember both the Texas Revolution battlegrounds. The fact is, it’s constructed on high ground and to face the river.

Austin has the most bars per capita.

Brooklyn or Portland, or locals of any alcoholic towns, wants to show how awesome they are. Fact is, Pittsburg has the most bars per capita at 11.8 bars for every 10,000 individuals. In fact, Austin is not even in the top 10.

Bevo the mascot, got his name because of an A&M trick.

Bevo, the beloved mascot of the Longhorns, is often said to have obtained his name in a rather humiliating way. Legend has it that after a 13-0 loss to A&M, several students branded the score into poor old Bevo. However, UT students modified the branding to read “Bevo” by altering the “13” to a “B,” the “-” to an “E,” and putting a “V” in between the dash and the “0.” This is far from the truth. While Bevo was actually branded, his name was obtained before the famous prank.

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