20 Fun Halloween Austin Party Ideas

There’s certainly no better way to enjoy Halloween than to throw an all-out Halloween bash. After all, what better way to showcase your best Halloween costumes, your DIY Halloween decorations, and your skills in creating creative Halloween snacks than to invite your family, friends, and loved ones over? So if you’re curious how to throw a Halloween party, there are more than a few entertaining and spooky Halloween party ideas that will help you throw the party of the year.

Starting from the front door to the back patio. And also, from your wall space to your floorings, there are many fun Halloween party ideas for you! Everybody comes for the food so consider having spooky cupcakes, candy-stuffed party poppers, and beverages. There are also plenty of options, such as vibrant balloon garlands and eerie hanging lights, in addition to adorable pumpkin designs.

Fun Halloween Party Ideas in Austin

1. Plan for Guests of All Ages

When organizing your event, go with activities and menu items that will give everyone the right amount of thrills, chills, and lots and lots of fun! If babies and small kids are planning to attend, refrain from using super-scary activities and decor, also make sure to offer a lot of easy-to-eat small snacks. Just keep in mind the age range of your guest for your party to run smoothly.

2. Halloween Party Theme

Narrowing your decor’s color palette to just a few shades creates a look that’s beautifully pulled together. Try to select black and white and shades of orange. And to add a touch of glam, combine metallic colors such as gold, silver, or purple.

3. Costume Contest

Make sure you tell your guest to come dressed in their best Halloween costume so that they can enter the Halloween costume contest. You can set the contest up by age, genre, spookiest costume, best DIY, and don’t forget to get the winner a small prize.

4. Spooky but Cute Invitation

A few weeks before your Halloween party, mail or hand-deliver your invites. Make sure you fill in the details so attendees can come ready for the scary celebration.

5. Halloween Entrance

Give your entryway an eerie, ghostly setting with billowing, ragged draperies made from cheap cheesecloth. Or you can decorate your front door with googly eyes! You can also add lights and spider webs with fake spiders, and you can add eerie music. It’s so simple and fun to decorate your front door.

6. Halloween Mask Wreath

What’s a Halloween costume with no mask? That is why this wreath is an ideal and seasonal element to your spooky decoration. Find some vintage Halloween masks, or you can even find some printable ones online and let the kids have fun decorating them and then add them to plain cardboard, grapevine, or old artificial Christmas wreath.

7. Light the Way to the Party

Fill clear cylindrical glass vases with battery-operated tea lights and sand to quickly assemble kid-safe, fireproof luminaries to illuminate your Halloween festivities. You can add a spooky touch and wrap gauze or spider webs around them for an extra Halloween touch.

8. Hanging Witch’s Hat Luminaries

This is one of our favorites; all you need are witch hats that you can buy at any dollar store and some flameless candles. You may use command hooks and extension cables to hold witch’s hat luminaries on your deck. They will appear like they’re floating, specifically during the nighttime when they are lit up and glowing.

9. Flying Bats

A fun and easy decoration is flying bats. There are free printouts online, or you can get creative and draw your own on some foam sheets. Make different sizes and string them from your sealing throughout your home.

10. Create a Devilishly Yummy Goody Table

Keep your party guest refreshed with a snack and drink station. Spider webs, dry ice, fake blood oozing from pumpkins can give your table spooky Halloween vibes. Pumpkins can also be used as serving bowls; get a fun table cloth and add some fake bats, rats, creepy bones, have fun with it and keep in mind the age range of your party guest.

11. Witch Hat Pinatas

DIY some witch hat pinatas and hang them up inside or on trees outside your house. They’re perfect Halloween decorations and, at the same time, a party activity for your guests! All you need is black cardstock, black crepe paper, orange streamers and ribbon, and a hot glue gun.

12. Halloween-Themed Chocolate Bars

Children love candy bars! Use some cute printable layouts to give a classic candy bar a Halloween facelift for a straightforward party favor. These make fun party favors! Print out your Halloween pattern, cut it out, and then use double-sided tape to put it on the chocolate bar.

13. Candy Corn Party Hat

This DIY hat is for you if you’re not into scary things; all you need is construction paper, glue/tape, some glitter, and scissors. Let your kids put on these cute candy corn party hats during your Halloween party! Traditionally candy corn is yellow, orange, and white, so make sure to have those three colors.

14. Pumpkin Serving Dish

Use pumpkins as serving bowls. You can use fake or real pumpkins after you cut and carve them, place a bowl inside them and add candies or dips.

15. Halloween-Themed Snacks

Having some scary but finger-foodies snacks for your guest is a must! Get creative and have fun making spooky snacks like Frankenstein-inspired sandwiches, ghost-covered pizzas, pigs-in-blanket mummies, or Jack-o’-Lantern Rice Krispies. If you are having a difficult time making a party menu, search best Halloween party snacks online.


16. Halloween Drinks

Spending the night disguised as their favorite fairytale princess, a superhero, or a member of the undead is hard work for a child; help them hydrate with some spooky beverages. There are many recipes online for spooky drinks like Wicked Witch’s Punch, a refreshing green drink made from lemon-lime soda and lime sherbert.

17. DIY Potion Bottles

Make some potion bottles out of repurposed food or wine bottles, add labels and a bit of twine, some melted candle wax, and scary plastic figures. You can find free printable labels online or make your own with eerie sayings like witches’ brew, bat’s wings, a bottle of boos, etc.

18. Trick-or-Treat Tote Bags

Halloween is never complete without trick-or-treating! Turn a low-cost canvas tote bag into a cool carryall, you can have kids decorate these bags during the party, and later they can use them to trick or treat.

19. Cookie Stack

Here’s a game that’s super easy to set up, and kids will love playing. All you need are sandwich cookies and a plate for each kid. Have the kids compete to see who can stack the most cookies in a minute without the cookies falling over. You can time them to keep the match fair and have small gifts available to reward the winners.


20. Create an Outdoor Trick-or-Treat Station

If the weather is good and your party festivities are outdoors, place a folding table with bowls of trick-or-treating candy. That way, you will be ready to pass out some Halloween treats for all the neighborhood trick or treaters. Make sure you have an adult always available or nearby, so everyone gets a fair share of candy.

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