Top Ten Free Things to do with Kids During Spring Break in Austin

It is not a secret that everything is always bigger in Texas, including the experiences one can acquire when visiting one of its many distinctive cities, such as Austin. This grand city is expecting numerous visitors of all ages during this up-and-coming spring break. There are a variety of different free activities that one can undertake with kids in Austin, but there are 10, in particular, that are a must to consider.

The Top Ten Free Things to do with Kids During Spring Break in Austin

1. Capitol Tour

Every day out of the week, there are free available tours that last 30-minutes each. This is a great option to consider if you want to enrich your kids’ knowledge on the history of Texas.

2. Zilker Park

Located in the heart of the city this vast park is a great place for kids to enjoy the outdoors. There are a variety of things to do, including hiking trails, having a picnic, playing on the Texas-sized playscape, flying kites, and much more. There is also a train you can ride on for a small fee.

3. Texas Military Forces Museum

At this museum, there are planes, tanks, and even a piece of the Berlin Wall. The artifacts present tell historical stories, which are worth hearing.

4. Austin Nature & Science Center

Spend the day learning with hands-on educational exhibits and recreational activities that increase awareness and appreciation of nature. There are a vast dino pit and a mini-zoo where animals that are undergoing rehabilitation.

5. Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird Lake offers a one-of-a-kind view, which is why numerous tourists come back to it every year. See the beauty of Austin while you hike and bike around the lake on gravel trails, shade is abundant, but sunscreen and water are highly recommended.

6. Austin Public Library

This is one of the newest libraries in Austin, and you could spend the whole day there. This location is downtown, and there is a floor for everyone in the family. Kids have their level geared to all things kid-related, storytime, computers, laptops, and tablets are all available. Check out the garden roof!

7. Austin Aqua-Dome

In this place, one can see numerous tropical fishes and learn more about them in the process. It provides a distinctive experience for both children and adults.

8. George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center

This particular museum is one of the most visited in Austin, as it has an abundant number of attention-grasping artifacts that allow kids and adults to comprehend African American history and culture to a great extent.

9. Boggy Creek Farm

This farm is another great place to visit with children in Austin. There are a lot of chickens and other exciting things to see at the Boggy Creek Farm.

10. French-Legation Museum

The oldest house in Austin turned into a museum, is what this structure is. One can go and experience story time, which elaborates more about the house and thus Austin’s extensive history.

Experience All 10!

The great thing about all these things is that they are 100% free! So grab the kiddos this spring break and make memories throughout the great city of Austin.


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