Houston Summer Backyard Activities That Never Get Old

Everyone enjoys spending some good time in their backyard, and especially during summer. This is when the weather is friendly, and you, together with the kids, are not restricted to having some fun moments outside. The official summer date is almost here with us; hence, it will be appropriate to recall some of the fabulous backyard activities that never get old. Nearly each of us has some fond memories regarding these simple yet breathtaking activities, which we can also revive anytime! The beauty is that; as your kids enjoy the old backyard games, you can also join in and have extreme fun. You’re not limited in any way!

Let’s delve into these exciting action outs, which you can revive this summer.

Blowing Bubble

This is a pure fun activity for the summer season. Kids can enjoy several hours of sun-basking and blowing bubbles, rather than going out. Let them try catching the round sparkly soap blobs filled in their hands.

Jumping Rope

Think about how fast you would jump back then and sweat off your clothes. It’s time to bring back your rope jumping skills and enjoy some jumps. This activity is also beneficial since it gets your heart rate goes up, which is a great cardio work out. The kids will enjoy, as they compete amongst each other, or even with you.

Backyard tea party

You can spread out some sleeping mats on the grass, bring out some cookies and fresh juice in play cups, or even real ones, and enjoy some fun moments, where some of your family members can dress up and show up, pretending to be guests. The backyard tea party can also turn out a memorable way of celebrating a birthday.


Take the painting to the backyard for an enjoyable and creative morning or afternoon. Not only will being outside give the kids new surrounding and hopefully inspire them to paint different things, but it will help with keeping the mess out and save your carpets from any paint spills.

Hide and Seek

This classic game will keep the kids entertained for awhile. Kids will work hard, trying to find the best hiding spot and not be found. It doesn’t matter whether your backyard is big or small; it will be a great place to host a game of hide and seek. Don’t forget to alter the seeker in each round, so everyone gets their turn of scouring the yard.

Roller Skating

Most kids have no idea that their parents use to spend their childhood Friday night at a roller rink, well pull out those old roller skates, and show the kids your skills. Flat driveways make a perfect roller skating track, which is also great for beginners. Don’t forget safety first, so always watch out for traffic and wear knee and wrist pads.

Water Balloon and Water Gun Battles

Pull out all the water guns and fill up a bucket of water balloons and get ready for an afternoon of fun cooling off. Battle either as a whole group or divide your family members into teams, parents against kids or boys against girls, whatever you decide you are sure to have a great time.

Bird Watching

This is one quiet activity out in your backyard, yet breathtaking. The kids can spend their afternoon waiting to see regular birds such as robins, cardinals, blue jays, and much more. Turn it into a game and see who can spot the most birds or most variety. You can also join in and have some fun with them.

Backyard Camping

You can simply pitch a tent in your backyard, unwind, and enjoy some moments of storytelling, s’ more making, star gazing, and just enjoy the great outdoors. The beauty is that: you’re in the backyard and steps away from home, so you won’t have to stress about packing up the car or worrying about forgetting snacks and your favorite camping treats.

Bike Riding

Do you recall that incredible feeling you had when you first knew how to ride a bike after the tireless practicing? Yes! It is time to bring that beautiful memory back. If your kiddos haven’t mastered learning how to ride their bike, now is a great time to teach them. If everyone in the family already knows how to get them ready for some great adventures on some of the fantastic trails around your neighborhood.

Final Word
We’ve shared some of the fantastic summer backyard activities that you’ll never get tired about. It’s time to get out this summer and have some breathtaking moments with your family as you make memories.

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