Our Picks for a Positive Playlist

Feeling a little unsure of things right now? Struggling with any certainty in a uncertain world? The right music playlist can change your entire attitude and give you a new perspective. We asked the team members at Kidventure a simple request. Give us your favorite song for beating the blues, one that makes you happy, picks you up when you’re feeling a little lost, and gives you hope to get through everything we’re all going through together. Then, tell us why you chose your song.

The following are the songs our team members selected and why they chose this music for positivity when we need it most. So here’s your newest music playlist compliments of KV.  Enjoy!

Our Top Positive Song Picks From Pretty Positive People

Team Member: Kristen Stephens, Austin Office Manager
Song: Brother

This song resonates with me because it seems to extend beyond just biological brotherhood, its encouraging for all of us as brothers and sisters on this crazy journey of life. It’s about lifting each other up when things seem too overwhelming to bear on our own. I love the line that says, “Brother let me be your shelter, never leave you all alone. I can be the one you call when you’re feeling low” The world is in a difficult state right now and there is comfort in the power of brotherhood, sisterhood and friendship! -Kristen

Team Member: Mike McDonell, President
Song: For the Summer
Artist: Ray LaMontange

For us the summer is the ultimate in happiness. While a little melancholy, ‘For the Summer’ is a song about looking for the summer again, to getting back to the memories and timeless feelings it gives us all. When I am missing the summer, this is a go-to for me. – Mike

Team Member: Kathleen , After School Coordinator
Song: Better Get to Livin
Artist: Dolly Parton

I loved listening to Dolly Parton with my parents all the time. This song has a wonderful message and never fails to cheer me up. -Kathleen

Team Member: Ryan Isbrecht, DFW Camps Coordinator
Song: 2 Heads
Artist: Coleman Hell

This song always reminds me when things get too hectic or I get frustrated to slow down and enjoy the little things. It makes me think of my kids and that they won’t be little forever and I need to make this time count. “I hope to god to love you harder, I hope to god to love you longer, if only I could live forever, if only I could hold you longer my love is a monster with 2 heads” Plus anything with a banjo instantly puts me in a good mood! -Ryan

Team Member: DiAnna Quinones, Assistant After School Coordinator
Song: 2 Supermodel
Artist: RuPaul

At a time when life is beyond unpredictable and it feels as though we are not in control of our future I turn to one of the first songs that gave me confidence- Supermodel (You Better Work) by RuPaul. Every time I hear this song I stand a little taller, walk a little faster, and truly feel like I can do anything I work hard for. It’s easy to see and hear all of the bad things happening around me and although I can’t always fix everything, when I blast this song I feel like I can conquer the world. Anytime I need a boost I just remind myself “You betta work!” -DiAnna

Team Member: Anne Natenstedt, Business Manager
Song: This is Me
Artist: Keala Settle and the Ensemble of The Greatest Showman

This song is my current jam. I love a song that always makes me want to jump out of my chair and dance around the room! This song (and movie) is about being brave, true to yourself, confident, loyal and fun. -Anne

Team Member: Kierra Spencer, Assistant After School Coordinator
Song: I Smile
Artist: Kirk Franklin

I chose this song because it just put me in a space where I’m grateful for all things. When I listen to this song it literally brings joy to my face and just puts me in a positive space. This song always reminds me of how far I’ve come and it’s a reminder of how God’s grace and mercy has been stored over my life. I hope you enjoy the song as much as I do and always remember to find the joy in all things. -Kierra

Team Member: Luke McGinty, Houston Camps Coordinator
Song: I Got You
Artist: James

Reminds me of being 6 or 7 years-old and dancing around the house with my sister. I was convinced that the song was really about the letter “U.” I thought the line was “I got a U” and not “I got you”. At the time I thought it was a little strange that James was happy to have gotten a “U” because that letter stood for unacceptable behavior on report cards. However, I did not give this much more thought. -Luke

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