More Than Just a Camp

Dear Family,

In a month, school will be out and the time honored American tradition of summer will warmly be upon us.  This is a particularly special year for Kidventure as we celebrate our 20th season of summer camp.  As I look back on the past two decades what is most evident to me is that camp has the opportunity to change lives.  Yes, camp is fun, it’s full of laughter and games and spirit, but the real power in summer camp comes when we are able to cultivate a positive change in the lives of kids.

Camp is real. It’s about people and not products.  It’s about giving people the attention they deserve. It’s about being part of an adventure that doesn’t happen on a screen but happens in an active environment that teaches responsibility, character and kindness.  This is what makes Kidventure more than just ‘camp’.

We want to invite you to share that experience with us once again.  We promise to use everything our 20 years has taught us to make a positive difference in the life of your child.  Why, because they deserve every opportunity to be great and they deserve the very best we can give them.

In the Spirit of Children,

Mike McDonell, President

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