Fun Ways to Celebrate Birthdays in Austin While Social Distancing

Your birthday may be quite different this year due to the different measures such as social distancing that have been put in place to contain the spread of Covid-19. But does this mean that you can no longer celebrate birthdays? Well, not necessarily. There are various fun ways to celebrate birthdays while maintaining social distance, as discussed below:

Send a card

We all love receiving cards with lovely messages from the people that matter a lot to us, especially during special occasions. Besides, words can work wonders when used carefully and creatively. You can either purchase a card or get creative and make your own and personalize it. Add a gift-card to their favorite restaurant to use in the future or Amazon/Target for some online shopping.

Surprise birthday parade

There may be no other better time to use drive-by parades to help your friends and family to celebrate their birthdays. Birthday parades offer a nice and safe way to see your family and friends while sharing the love from a distance. Call your friends and family and set up a time on the birthday day, so everyone can line up and pass by the house of the person celebrating their birthday. Decorate your car with signs, balloons, and streamers to make it super festive.

Consider a zoom, FaceTime, or Google Hangout party

You can organize a surprise virtual birthday party. Ensure that you invite all your friends for the virtual birthday party. The party viewers can then watch while the birthday boy or girl blows out their candles on their cake and open gifts. Even though you are miles away you can all still be together to celebrate.

Make a hug glove

Want to be a little bit more creative when celebrating birthdays even with the social distancing measures still in place? It’s simple – make a hug glove! With a hug barrier setup, the birthday boy or girl will be in a better position to receive warm squeezes from close friends and relatives. This is can added to your birthday parade to give people a chance to pull over and deliver gifts and hugs.

What about a picnic party?

This will be, in no way, a picnic party like any other. The guests will have to pack up their own picnics, after which they can all meet at a park, to celebrate. Of course, everyone will have to maintain a safe distance during such a party. Add a water balloon or water gun fight to your picnic, not only will this cool everyone down on a hot summer day but will also be fun for everyone.

Birthday Happy Hour

For all the of age party goers, a birthday virtual happy hour is one of the best ways to celebrate with friends while still maintaining and practicing social distancing. Get a group of friends together and set up a zoom or google hangouts with friends. Friends could also do a wine bottle delivery for the birthday guy or gal, send them your favorite or their bottle of wine.

Flower Bomb

Who doesn’t love receiving fresh flowers? This will take a bit of planning just like the birthday parade but will be worth the surprise. Get all your friends and family members to order flowers from your local florist and schedule them to be delivered on the birthday person’s actual birthday. They will be shocked at the sight of so many beautiful bouquets.

Bake a cake

Baking a cake for the birthday boy or girls is a great way to celebrate them. The birthday person and request their favorite cake and as a family you could make it together or make it a surprise for them. Either way you will have a delicious treat for the whole family and a great centerpiece for your birthday celebration.

Send a dessert

There are many restaurants and bakeries offering delivery serveries, which makes sending a treat for someones birthday easy. Pick your favorite place that offers amazing desserts and send cookies, a cake, or fro-yo to a loved one, and they’ll love it.

Host a Netflix party

If you and your loved ones are movie lovers, you can enjoy the same Netflix movie at the same time. All you have to do is to get the Netflix Party extension on google chrome. With this extension, you will get synchronized video playback and a chat room where the viewers can share their thoughts on the movie. So even though you are apart you will still feel connected while watching a movie together, pop some popcorn to get the full movie experience.

Times may be tough during this period of the Covid-19 pandemic, but that does not mean that you should stay at home wishing for better times to come. As humans, we always come up with alternative ways to find our happiness even where it lacks. So go ahead and try out the above-mentioned fun ways to celebrate your birthday with social distancing, and be sure to make every moment count.

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