Stargazing Around Austin

Austin is one of the popular cities in the state of Texas, which attracts most visitors. The visitors at Austin are interested in various aspects such as food, fashion, and space exploration. Stargazing is one of the primary activities which space enthusiasts enjoy while at Austin. The presence of street lights and the light pollution in the city hinder the sight. It is essential to visit specific places to get the thrilling aspect of stargazing. There are various spots in Austin which individuals can enjoy stargazing. The most popular ten places for stargazing in Austin include:

Astronomy on Tap ATX

Astronomy on Tap ATX is held at the North door every Tuesday of a month. The event is organized by astronomers who give talks about their discoveries in the field of astronomy. The event is thrilling since there are free beers, and individuals get the chance to interact with a specialist in astronomy. The dark skies and the bright stars give room to enjoy stargazing.

The North Door
502 Brushy St.
Austin, TX

Blanco State Park

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The Blanco State Park is convenient for locals and visitors because of its location, which is a hour drive from the city. The park charges only $5 for a day, which allows people to enjoy day trips or overnights. The velvet black sky in the park enables individuals to enjoy the fantastic lights and colors in the sky. The presence of spring-fed Blanco River in the park allows individuals to enjoy fishing and afternoon swimming.

Blanco State Park
101 Park Rd 23in
Blanco, Texas.

Canyon of the Eagle Resort

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Austin astronomical society holds monthly sky parties at the Eagle Eye Observatory. It is during the monthly parties that expensive astronomy pieces of equipment are brought to give the magnificent view. Canyon of the Eagles resort is the ultimate destination for stargazing.

Canyon of the Eagle Resort
16942 Ranch Road 2341
Burnet, Texas

Devil’s Cove

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Devil’s Cove is said to be the biggest party spot on the lake in Austin, boaters from all over the city come out for the hot summer days. Usually, boats are tied up to each other and Austinites enjoy the hot summer day on the lake. Well if you can survive the heat and hang out till the sunsets, you will not be disappointed with the amazing light show in the sky. With minimal light pollution, you will be able to see hundreds of stars as long as there is no cloud cover.

Devil’s Cove
Lake Travis, Tx 78645

The City of Elgin

The city is home for stargazing activities with numerous spots to enjoy the amazing stars. The scattered population in the area reduces the lighting and allows you to enjoy the shooting stars.

Texas 78621

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

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 The area is located at 1670 Ranch Rd. It is a big chunk of granite, which gives visitors an exciting place to stargaze in central Texas. While sitting at any location in the park, you can enjoy the sight of the stars in the sky. The enchanted rock has a dark sky, which gives an impressive view of the Milky Way.

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area
16710 Ranch Rd 965
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Garner State Park

The garner state offers a starry sight worth to remember. It is located three hours from Austin city in the remote areas to reduce light pollution. The park is the most overnighted in Texas due to star power. The presence of the Frio River in the park offers added adventure for visitors. The night skies of the park provide good stargazing time.

Garner State Park
234 RR 1050
Concan, TX 78838

Inks Lake State Park

The park offers camping, fishing, swimming, hiking, and stargazing. The starry sky night hike at the park is perfect for family strolling and during date nights. The park is located far from Austin city to give the dark skies.

Inks Lake State Park
3630 Park Rd 4 W
Burnet, TX 78611

Lost Maples State Natural Area

astronomy constellations dark evening landscape nature night night photography night sky night view nightscape outdoors scenic sky space stargazing starry starry sky stars trees view

The park is located in remote Texas, and its landscape gives a good view of the sky. There are state Park parties that allow individuals to enjoy the stars void of the city lights. Other than stargazing, Lost Maples also offers hiking for visitors. There are campsites and star programs in the park. It is essential to wear boots or sneakers because of the rocky area.

Lost Maples State Natural Area
37221 FM 187
Vanderpool, TX 78885

McDonald Observatory

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The location of the Macdonald Observatory at the Davis Mountains offers the dark skies which are suitable for stargazing. The sky parties in the observatory allow individuals to have fun while stargazing. The place provides night sky constellation tours, and the presence of telescopes enables you to view the beauty of the sky.

Macdonald Observatory
3640 Dark Sky Drive
Fort Davis, TX 79734

Stargazing is a fun activity, and one should look for the best places to enjoy the activity. Austin is one of the areas with a varied destination to enjoy stargazing events. The next time you plan a trip to Texas, include stargazing in Austin among the must-do activities.

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