10 Great Places to Kayak With Kids in Central Texas

Central Texas offers numerous kayaking destinations for paddlers who reside in the state of Texas. With its vast flat-water lakes, gently flowing streams and spring-fed rivers, you cannot run out of great places to fish, paddleboard and kayak. Whether you are going for an excursion on your own or with your friends or even bringing your kids along on a kayaking trip, here are ten great spots to kayak with your children in Central Texas.

Lake Bastrop

If you enjoy a wide variety of activities apart from paddling, then Lake Bastrop is a perfect destination for you. Located one hour away from Austin City, Lake Bastrop is usually surrounded by a fascinating pine forest and provides a great escape from the rocky and dry terrains of Texas State. This 900-acre lake is ideal for kayaking with your children, and in the recent past, many people have found the flat waters of this lake suitable for skiing and paddleboarding as well. Besides, fishing is also allowed in the lake.

Lady Bird Lake

Situated in Austin, Lady Bird Lake is popularly known as one of the best metropolitan kayaking lakes in Texas State. If an evening bat emergence, lots of turtles, smooth waters, and a great view of the Austin skyline make up your family’s list of paddling activities, then Lady Bird Lake is a perfect place for every member of your family.

Guadalupe River

Guadalupe River is located in the heart of the Hill Country. It’s a spring-fed and crystal clear river which is perfect for fishing, paddling, swimming, and tubing. Kayakers will discover long stretches of flat water and class III rapids. This river oasis features lots of greenery scenes consisting of sycamore, oak, pecan and cypress trees.

Colorado River


The Colorado River is one of the longest rivers in the US with both its mount and source in Texas. This river feeds all through Central Texas and is popularly known for its slow-moving pace and large width. Colorado River is an excellent place to visit for children and beginner kayakers who would like to paddle in areas without any rapids or other hazardous spots. There’s plenty of vegetation below and above the water that shades the paddlers and fish as well.

Blanco River

The Blanco River is situated near Wimberley, Texas and is ideal for medium to more experienced paddlers. Its cliffs and rolling hills make paddling on this great river an incredible adventure packed with gorgeous sceneries.

San Gabriel River

The San Gabriel River in Texas is formed in Georgetown by the junction of the South and North Forks of San Gabriel River. You can paddle either the South Fork or North Fork using a canoe or kayak. The level of water is generally perfect for kayaking, apart from the dry summer months when the water levels might be too low. The use of the San Gabriel River is usually dependent on rainfall, just like most of the rivers found in Central Texas. The river winds through rock formations and limestone cliffs, which makes it an incredibly scenic trip.

San Marcos River

If you are looking for shady, tree-lined adventures in chilly and spring-fed waters, then you will fall in love with the San Marcos River. Located half an hour away from Austin City, the river is a favorite kayaking spot known for its class 2 and one rapids as well as slow currents, making it an ideal place for kids

Lake Travis

Lake Travis is usually one of the best kayaking destinations in Austin City. Surrounded by beautiful hills, this winding lake situated in the northwestern part of Austin is a favorite spot for a lot of water sports enthusiasts. Apart from kayaking, you can also enjoy many other water activities such as paddleboarding, swimming, and fishing in this lake.

Lake Austin


If you’re looking for a less-crowded destination for kayaking, then Lake Austin is an ideal spot for you. Situated a few miles north of the Colorado River, this human-made reservoir is a more secluded weekend getaway for lots of water sport enthusiasts.

Walter E. Long Lake

Decker Lake, also known as Walter E. Long Lake is a 1,200-acre lake known for its perfect paddling conditions. Situated east of Austin City and surrounded by the famous Walter E. Long Metropolitan Park, this reservoir also offers a great expanse of free space for jogging, biking, and picnics as well. Kayakers, paddleboarders and canoe paddlers alike can often be found in this spot during both weekends and weekdays.


If you are looking for the best places to go kayaking in Central Texas, then you will not go wrong by visiting the kayaking destinations discussed above. Better still, there is a host of other things that you, your friends and family can enjoy doing in the mentioned spots. Whether you are planning a short paddleboarding excursion, a relaxing day of fishing, or a kayaking trip, these waterways in Central Texas offer the ideal places to satisfy your thirst for kayaking and paddling adventures.

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