10 Cool Pools in Austin to Check Out This Summer


Keeping cool in the pools has for a long time been known as one of the best ways of dealing with excess heat during summer in Austin, Texas. Thankfully, there are tons of splash pads and pools to choose from, some of them with extra features such as toddler play areas and water slides. Here are some of the pools that you need to head out and explore.

1. Bartholomew Pool

Bartholomew Pool is one of the favorite pools in Austin that attracts a considerable number of people early in the morning. It has a mini slide for toddlers and two big water slides for kids 48” or taller. It’s a bargain pool for Austin residents as kids and toddler only pays $1 while adults pay $3.


2. Barton Springs Pool

Barton Springs is probably one of the biggest pools in this list, measuring approximately three acres. It is ideal for year-round swimming. One of the standout features from this pool is the fact that it is fed from underground springs, which makes cold and beautiful with an average temperature of 68 degrees.

3. Deep Eddy

Like Barton Springs, Deep Eddy is made of natural spring water. However, it has a deep shallow entrance, which is an ideal pool for families with little ones who need to stick close to their parents while other big kids can enjoy in the deeper water.



4. EL Salido Pool

Adjacent to the bigger pool for adults, there is a fun toddler pool with sprinklers, which makes it an ideal pool for a family day out. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a resident of Austin to use the pool. You can purchase a pass for $4 and enjoy the whole day.


5. Elizabeth Milburn Pool

Elizabeth Milburn is one of the few pools adjacent to a playground, which means you have a place to cool after an exhausting sporting event. Besides having an adjoining playground, Elizabeth Milburn pool has rentable poolside shade pavilion. This is a beautiful place to take your kids due to the big green waterslide playground.


6. Veterans Memorial Pool

If you are looking forward to spending some time in the pool with your buddies, with water basketball, Veterans Memorial pool could provide the best experience you ever had in a pool. Other enjoyable amenities to consider include; poolside shade and cargo net log crossing, among others.


7. Micki Krebsbach Pool

Micki Krebsbach has a pirate pool that is a water adventure for all ages. This ship includes two slides, water cannons and wild climbing angles, which makes a beautiful and memorable family adventure. You will also come across water crossing obstacles and attractive poolside amenities.


8. Big Stacy Pool

Big Stacy is a free pool that is open to the public. You will have an opportunity to enjoy resting in the small grassy area adjacent to the pool. However, you have put up with the fact that there is limited shade for every person.

9. Dick Nichols Pool

Dick Nichols, This is a reasonably large pool that has plenty of lap swimmers and lanes. It has two pools; one for kids and one for adults. Other essential pool amenities include a small kid’s waterscape with a dolphin that spits water, volleyball courts, and tennis courts among others.


10. Ramsey Pool

Located in Ramsey Park, Ramsey Pool is free and open to the public. It is one of the safest pools in this region with lifeguards on duty for the whole day. Besides safety, Ramsey pool has one of the most beautiful playgrounds in Austin.

Put on some sunscreen, grab a pool toy, and jump into one of our favorite local swimming pools. Make sure to check the pool schedules ahead of time to see hours of operation or if they are hosting special events. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and have fun!


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