10 Caves near Austin to Explore with Kids

Caves are usually described as natural voids in the ground. They are generally large enough for humans to enter. These beautiful physical features are typically formed due to the weathering of rocks. Some caves extend deep into the ground. Caves vary in size, and their formation is usually as a result of various geological processes. Throughout history, human beings have made use of caves in different ways. Our forefathers used caves as homes. Caves provided them with shelter and security from the elements and wild animals. Today, caves are a significant source of scientific information. Caves afford us with the opportunity of exploration among other outdoor recreation options. In this article, I will highlight ten caves you can visit with your kids around Austin

Longhorn Cavern State Park


6211 Park Road 4 S., Burnet. 512-715-9000.


This cave is celebrated for the rich history it possesses. Comanche Indians are known to have made use of the cavern in their day. Interestingly, during the prohibition era; the cave was converted into a speakeasy. This is an excellent place for kids to learn history as they enjoy the fantastic scenic spots it has to offer.

Inner Space Cavern

4200 N Interstate 35 Frontage Road, Georgetown. 512-931-2283


A Texas Highway Department discovered this cave in the spring of 1963. Ever since the cave was officially opened for the public, scores of people have visited the place. This cave is capable of entertaining visitors of all ages. There are tours, playgrounds, gift shops, and fossil displays.

Natural Bridge Caverns

26495 Natural Bridge Caverns Road, San Antonio. 210-651-6101


This cave was discovered in 1960 by a group of St. Mary’s University students. It is one of the most popular places to visit. The caverns are also some of the largest. There are several exciting activities on offer. They include discovery tours and lantern tours. Kids will find this place being incredibly engaging.

Cave without a Name


This is a natural, living cave. It is said that it is the most beautiful cave in the whole of Texas. Several concerts have been conducted in the cave’s throne room. Those who have attended the concerts claim that their experience was nothing short of magical. Apart from being an educational tour destination, this cave is a camping site. This will excite children.

Cascade Caverns

226 Cascade Cavern, Boerne. 830-755-8080


A guided tour that lasts approximately one hour will see you and your kid enjoy corridor after corridor of timeless beauty. The cave has a fresh, natural environment of 64-degrees. It offers visitors a wide variety of fun activities to engage in during their visit.

Airmen’s Cave


This cave is definatly for the more experianced cave-goer. There are no guides, lights or stairs here, and gear is required. There are tight spaces you will have to crawl through, creepy crawlies and complete darkness. So if you are an experiance spelunker, grab your headlamps, knee and elbow pads, hard hats, and map are get ready for a totally diffrant cave asventure.

Wonder Cave


This is one of the most interesting places you can ever take your kid. This is a natural theme park will impress you and your kid. The primary attraction of the cave is the wonder cave. There are several other attractions including a wildlife park, a trackless motor train, and an anti-gravity house.

Caverns Of Sonora

1711 Private Road, 4468, Sonora. 325-387-3105


This cave is world famous for its beautiful array of calcite crystal formations. Helictites are the most abundant crystal formations in the cave. The cave is found within Sutton County.

Devil’s Sinkhole

101 N. Sweeten St., Rocksprings. 830-683-2287


The main attraction for this cave is the fact that it is one of the state’s most significant habitats for Mexican free-tailed bats. It is the largest single cavern chamber in Texas.

Westcave Preserve

24814 Hamilton Pool Road, Round Mountain. 830-825-3442


This cave is found at the head of a canyon. It is an incredible site with a breathtaking 40-foot waterfall pouring into an emerald pool. A visit to this cave will allow you and your family to enjoy the outdoors. The cave is located within a sheltered canyon with lush plant life.

Caves are some of the most beautiful and interesting physical features on earth. One of the most interesting things about caves, generally, is their formation. It is a lovely thing to see the tremendous power of water and time. It is, indeed, a larger than life experience.

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