Top 10 Swim Schools in Houston

Top 10 Swim Schools in Houston

There’s nothing like swimming on a hot summer day, and learning to swim should be a priority for families to enjoy this summertime activity safely. Learning to swim will not only allows you to enjoy jumping into a pool safely but will also allow you to enjoy water activities like kayaking and canoeing safely.  With all the indoor swimming pools, you can enjoy this activity year-round.

Despite being a fun activity for kids, swimming can be dangerous, according to research; children between the ages of 1 and 4 have the highest rates of drowning. One of the best ways to prevent accidental drownings is to teach kids how to swim and water safety. Enrolling your child in swimming lessons is an excellent way to learn how to swim and how to stay safe in and around water. Thankfully you can find many swim schools in Houston that offer classes year-round, the following are the best places you can learn how to swim.



Houston Swim Club

Location: 19702 Northwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77065

The Houston Swim Club is among the most popular places to get swimming lessons and has five different locations in the Houston area. In both the Sea Turtle and Starfish levels of swimming lessons, toddlers and babies will learn basic breath control, floating techniques, basic water safety, and some self-rescue skills with their parents in the water during every 30-minute weekly session.

Saint Street Swim

Location: 2717 Saint St, Houston, TX 77027

This swim school offers Fins and Family level swimming lessons. The main objective for the two levels is water adjustment, and that is achieved through games and drills led by your kid’s swim instructor. Body positioning, water safety skills, body movement, and submersion in the water are among the core objectives in every class to make your child confident and comfortable in the water.


Aqua-Tots Swim Schools

Location: 6935 Cypresswood Dr ste a, Spring, TX 77379

Aqua-Tots is an excellent choice to introduce your kids to a lifetime of exercising and healthy living. It works on teaching various water adjustment and safety skills, equipping parents and caregivers with the necessary tools to handle their kids in the water comfortably.

Swimjim Texas

Location: 1100 Wilcrest Dr Suite 109, Houston, TX 77042

SwimJim Swim School offers three levels of swimming lessons where parents or caregivers are actively involved during the water lessons. Swimfants, Swimbabies, and Swim N Splash classes teach the kids progressive skills that enable them to become comfortable and confident in the water by including age-appropriate games that help children learn more about floatation and breath control.

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Wolfies Swim School

Location: 5230 Cedar St, Bellaire, TX 77401

This school offers both the bigs and littles classes. The classes offered are specially designed to get your kid comfortable in the waters using skills like assisted back floating, blowing bubbles, assisted wall grabbing, kicking, and splashing with excitement. At this phase, swimming with the caregiver or parent eases the common tension that comes with most beginner swimmers.

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Ragsdill Swim School

Location: 1663 Blalock Rd, Houston, TX 77080

If you want your kids to learn to swim and some other skills, then this swim school is an ideal option. The swimming sessions are available to kids aged two years and above from late May through to August. Apart from swimming, Rasgdill swim school offers computer lab sessions, art classes, as well as science and math workshops, making it a better-rounded swim school for your kid.

Goldfish Swim School

Location: 1801 S Dairy Ashford Rd Suite 103, Houston, TX 77077

This swim school offers Mini 1 and 2 classes that give the kids a gentle introduction into the water while focusing on achieving basic swimming and water safety skills. Parents and caregivers are allowed to enter the pool with their kids, making this an excellent opportunity for them to bond with their kids in the pool.

Pengu Swim School

Location: 27020 Cinco Ranch Blvd, Katy, TX 77494

Pengu swim school offers two levels of baby lessons. These levels teach acclimation, comfort, and safety when in the water. One of the levels mainly focuses on baby reflexes and the other sharpening on teaching skills. At the end of the second level, the swimmers can easily float, swim underwater, move side-to-side, and safely pull themselves out of the water as well.

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Location: 1800 W Nasa Blvd, Webster, TX 77598

In all three tots and parent swim lessons taught at Acrosports, children will learn different self-rescue techniques, basic water safety, how to move in water, and how to float in the water with the assistance of a caregiver. All the classes offered in this swim school are separated by ability level and age as well.

Sea Sports Swim

Location: 2004 S Mason Rd, Katy, TX 77450

The swim lessons offered by Sea Sports Swim school make acclimating to the pool fun through games and songs. Toddlers and babies learn how to blow bubbles, float, kick, submerge themselves in water, and also hold their breath for a maximum of ten seconds. The main objective is to help toddlers gain independence in the swimming pool through a safe and exciting environment.

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Attending a swimming school will not only teach your kids the skills they’ll require to become competent swimmers, but it will also provide them with enough experience in the swimming pool water. Also, the different lessons that your kids will learn in the swim schools discussed in this post will teach them the essential water safety rules that they should follow, as well as what they should do in the event they fall accidentally in the water.

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