Projects: Dissolving Peeps

Do you have any leftover Peeps from Easter? Then we have the perfect project for you at home! Dissolving Peeps is a super fun and easy project you can do with some household items and your Peeps. In this Kidventure Basecamp video, Ms. Asia will demonstrate how to observe how Peeps dissolve in different liquids. So grab those Peeps and lets get to it!


P e r s p e c t i v e

June 7, 2018 My son, Michael Bennett was wheeled in to the Pre-Op room at about 8:30 AM.  His nervous excitement and uneasy playfulness was on glorious display for all to see.  He was literally turning flips in his bed as anesthesiologists laid out their plan for putting him under. …

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5 Reasons Camp Builds Great People

Kids grow to be healthy and happy adults when they are given the opportunity to be healthy and happy kids.  Seems simple enough, but with the pace of life today, the over emphasis on technology, the lack fact-to-face social interaction, and the diminishment of physical activity, achieving that can be …

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Adopting a New Perspective

“To adopt a child is to broaden the life of everyone who is touched by the experience.” Almost three years ago, lives were changed forever.  In a nine-story institutional highrise, in the heart of a crowded Chinese city called Xiamen, in a small room filled with beautiful children who were abandoned by …

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