Failing Our Kids and A (New) Day Off

There is something at stake right now that is more important than politics, policy, and who right or wrong.  That something is attuned to our every action, our rhetoric, and our example we set.  That something hangs on our every word, looks to us for leadership, love, and example, and …

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Making Memories with Kids

The smell of bacon frying never fails to remind me of Saturday mornings My mom, Dad and I could put away a pound of bacon between the three of us – along with either the plate-sized pancakes she used to make or his incredible omelets. Though rare in Texas, a …

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10 Great American Indoor Water Parks

Travelling this fall?  Don’t put away the swim suits and beach towels. America’s indoor water parks don’t kowtow to seasons or climate change — they’re consistent hydrotherapeutic oases with the thermostat set at 84 degrees and chlorine at 11. Shock your system with looping thrills, or zen out on a …

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100 Things All Kids Should Try

A bucket list for childhood? Sure thing. Check out these 100 things all kids should try during their childhood, and be sure to cross a few off the list before your kids grow up. Childhood passes in the blink of an eye, after all, don’t let it pass without taking …

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Volunteering with Children

Volunteering with children is a great way to help them learn about giving back. Children learn valuable skills while “on the job.” Homeschooled students, who may have more time available for volunteering, could also enjoy the additional socialization opportunities presented through volunteering. Another benefit of volunteering is children learn about …

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The Six Flags Over Texas

Thanks to the Texas Almanac, 1857-2007 for this information and so much more; a terrific reference about Texas’ history, politics, economy and geography as well as current facts on cities, towns and counties.