Kids, Dr. Chaos has interrupted our regularly scheduled yoga session and commanded the video feed. Apparently he has taken a keen interest in the moon. Together with ‘Ollie’ he will be teaching us all about the Earth’s only natural satellite. Or so we shall see….

Projects: Dissolving Peeps

Do you have any leftover Peeps from Easter? Then we have the perfect project for you at home! Dissolving Peeps is a super fun and easy project you can do with some household items and your Peeps. In this Kidventure Basecamp video, Ms. Asia will demonstrate how to observe how Peeps dissolve in different liquids. So grab those Peeps and lets get to it!


Magic Rainbow Foam

Hey kids, here’s a super fun project you will really want to get your hands into. We’re making Magic Rainbow Foam and all you need are a few simple ingredients you can find around the house. So get those hands ready and let’s make some magic!

Tissue Paper Painting Art Project

For this activity, your camper will create their own masterpiece with paper, tissue paper, and white crayons!  A fun activity where they will be able to admire their artwork for days to come…maybe even frame it!

Build a Cheerios Tower (Episode 1)

Here’s a fun and super simple project for home that will keep the kids engaged and using their imagination over and over. Let’s see who can build the tallest Cheerio tower! All you need are dried spaghetti, play dough, and cheerios. Let Kidventure’s counselor, Luckey explain the rest in this …

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