10 fun farms for kids to visit in the Austin area

Austin is home to some of the most beautiful farmland where you can take your kids this season for farm activities. They call it agri-tourism because your kids will learn all kinds of things about farming like picking some fruits and veggies, cut down a Christmas tree, pet some animals at a petting zoo, and hopefully run through corn maze. Check our comprehensive guide to some of the most kid friendly fun farms in Austin.

  1. HausBar Farms – produce, animals

This farm is one of the best fun farms in Austin. It grows vegetables and fruits, offers days camps and host gardening workshop. The owner Dorsey and Susan Haussmann owns two donkeys, hundreds of chicken, geese, ducks, and lots of pet birds.

Hausbar Urban Farm and Guesthaus
Govalle Ave, Austin, TX 78702

HausBar Urban Farm & GuestHaus is a sustainable urban farm in East Austin raising vegetables and offering vacation rental space, day camps, and workshops. We’re home to two donkeys, hundreds of chickens, dozens of rabbits, some geese, a few ducks, three pet birds, two humans, and lots of fresh air and sunshine.

  1. Eden East Farm Springdale Farm – produce, petting zoo

Springdale is located just few miles east off the capitol. It grows over 75 season vegetable varieties served to local restaurants. Here your family can enjoy a country breakfast of fresh sausage, and holiday crafts, pet Zoo and a native scene. Visit their public fun farm stand every Wednesday and Saturday morning from 9: am to 1 pm.

Springdale Farm
Springdale Farm

Springdale Farm
755 Springdale Rd, Austin, TX 78702

Eden East Farm is a sustainable urban farm in East Austin – formerly Springdale Farm. We offer seasonal vegetables and other goods at our farm stand. Shop for local produce, eggs, jam, dried and canned goods, local meats, and medicinal and culinary herbs.

  1. Rain Lily farm = produce

This is home to Present Company Theater’s Shakespeare. It grows organic vegetables, keeps goats, chicken and much more. Here, your children will be surrounded by nature and taught the responsibility if creating their own food source.

Rain Lily Farm
914 Shady Ln, Austin, Texas 78702

Rain Lily farm grow amazingly fresh organic vegetables! We also do events!

  1. Boggy Creek Farm – produce

Boggy is one of the oldest urban farms in East Austin. Fun farm is open to the public every Wednesday to Saturday from 9 am to 1pm. Take your family here for fun time on the field and hen houses during market days. Before leaving this farm, make sure you buy some cheese, goal milk ice cream and bison meat.

Boggy Creek Farm
Boggy Creek Farm

Boggy Creek Farm
3414 Lyons Rd, Austin, TX 78702

Take a step back in time as you are guided through the old farm house hearing about the architecture, drama, and the pioneers who built this old home in 1840/41, hear stories of what life was like for the pioneers through letters they left behind, learn of the dignitaries who spent time here and other interesting things.

  1. Sweet Berry Farm – produce, berries

Sweet Berry is one of the most popular fun farms in Austin, and probably the only place you can pick your own berries in spring. You also have a chance to enjoy a pumpkin patch in the fall. Admission is free, but you will pay for what you harvest and for activities you participate.

Sweet Berry Farm Austin
Sweet Berry Farm Maze

Sweet Berry Farm
1801 FM1980, Marble Falls, TX 78654

  1. Green Gate Farm – produce

Green gate is another place to take your kids to learn organic farming. The farms sits on a restored historical farm site and provides farm camp and operating farm stands on Tuesday and Saturday. Every Saturday, farm tours are available at noon. It’s one of the few place in Austin where you can take a group of children to learn about farming and have fun.

Green Gate Farm Austin
Green Gate Farm

Green Gate Farm
8310 Canoga Ave, Austin, TX 78724

The animals are free to pet, the picnic tables are free for use, no admission or parking charge. You don’t really have to buy anything, just come on out and enjoy the experience (you probably want to at least get a Strawberry Popsicle – they are awesome!)​​​ Explore farming, entomology, animals and more with Sweet Berry Farm’s field trip programs.​

    1. Urban Roots Farm – produce

Urban roots farm inspires and engages the community by offering youth between the age of 14 to 17 years a chance to learn about farming. These experiences helps kids learn to use their skills, learn leadership skills and importance of service to the community. The farm is not open to public but it offer educational tours, events, field trips and enormous opportunity to young people.

Urban Roots Austin
Urban Roots

Urban Roots Farm
4900 Gonzales St, Austin, TX 78702

Urban Roots provides today’s young leaders with paid opportunities to grow food, learn new skills, and make a difference in their community. If you are a young person who’s excited to grow your leadership skills and get your hands dirty, or if you know one, join us! Urban Roots cultivates leadership skills through food and farming to transform the lives of young people and inspire, engage, and nourish the community.

  1. Evergreen Farms – tree farm

If you are looking for a Christmas tree farm with other fun stuffs, then evergreen is your best bet. Education tour here cost $5 per student so it’s a pretty much a good place to take a group. Evergreen has expanded its range of activities, so you will find loads of fun here. School tours are available every day.

Evergreen Farms
Evergreen Farms

Evergreen Farms
242 Monkey Rd, Elgin, TX 78621

Evergreen Farms has grown to hosting thousands of Central Texans during the Pumpkin Hunt and tree harvesting seasons. The Walterscheidts owned a Christmas tree farm in Bryan, Texas before opening the Elgin farm. They currently live on the farm with their donkey, goats, and barn cats.

  1. Hope Valley Tree Farm – animals

Hope tree farm has small petting zoos and offers home school field trips. It’s a private residence, so all visit have to be pre-arranged with the owner. You will only need to donate $5 for general visit. Other arrangements are also available for varying amount.

Hope Valley Tree Farm
240 Earhardt Rd, Bastrop, TX 78602

Hope Valley Tree Farm is owned and operated by the Hipe family of Bastrop, Texas. After owning and operating a landscaping company for over twenty years, Steve Hipe started Hope Valley Tree Farm in August of 2002.

  1. Crowe Nest Farm – animal farm

This is a 501(c) private non-profit organization particularly dedicated to fostering public appreciation and wise stewardship to wildlife and agriculture resources in Texas. It’s a 100 acre working farm, so there are tons of activities available here. Admission is only $6 for current tours which is available by appointment.

Crowe Nest Farm
Crowe Nest Farm

Crowes Nest Farm
10300 Taylor Ln, Manor, TX 78653

Located in Manor, TX, just east of Austin, Crowe’s Nest Farm is a 100-acre working farm filled with hundreds of domestic farm animals and a wide, ever-growing array of Texas wildlife, gardens, and educational exhibits. The farm hosts over 40,000 children for school field trips each year and frequently holds other special, family-oriented events.

Farm Activities

Of course, you will come across hundreds of other wonder places to take your kids in Austin. But these 10 are some of the best on our list. So take a day and discover some fun in any of these places, there are lots of fun activities too for the kids. Check the venues website for their admission prices and business hours because this may change.

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