About Mike McDonell

Life is an adventure. Mine has taken me to the tops of mountains, the most remote deserts, the board room and the musical stage. Yet, the greatest adventure and the one that provides me with the most humble reason for existence is that of being a parent. This blog is my attempt to take what I have learned in all my adventures and experiences and apply them to an expedition like none other. Here is to all parents, who in the adventure world are really guides. The choice we make, the wisdom we use and the bravery we must muster are all needed on our journey.

At age 45 50 you would think I just stepped off the boat into parenting, but three kids and sixteen years later I sometimes feel like that.  I remind myself that it’s the journey.  Nevertheless, I love being a parent and working to become better at it.  The canvas to which I get to practice the craft are three of the best kids in the world who can also be the most debilitating.  So, this blog is my attempt to put my ideas, thoughts and aspirations about parenting to the written word.  Perhaps you might agree from time to time.  Perhaps you wont.  But hopefully something between the lines of thought might inspire you to be a better parent.  After all, isn’t that what we are meant to do when we signed up?

We’re all in it together. Go Parent Up.